From the Runway: Claire Pettibone Spring 2014 Collection

Silk and vintage lace gowns inspired by the art of decoupage

Decoupage, the French word for “cut,” involves assembling and layering paper cutouts used to adorn wooden boxes, chests, ceramics, and decorative objects. If the term conjures up images of crafty trinkets and keepsakes from your great aunt Edna, think again. Inspired by the art of decoupage for her spring 2014 bridal collection, designer Claire Pettibone layered chantilly, guipure, silk, vintage lace, applique  flowers, and delicate handbeaded details to create an heirloom collection of wedding gowns.


“Abigail” by Claire Pettibone


“Antoinette” by Claire Pettibone


“Charlotte” by Claire Pettibone

Charlotte_b_02 (649x1024)

Back detail of “Charlotte” by Claire Pettibone


“Delaney” by Claire Pettibone

Delaney_f_02 (649x1024)

Detail of “Delaney” by Claire Pettibone


“Estelle” by Claire Pettibone

Estelle_b_03 (649x1024)

Back detail of “Estelle” by Claire Pettibone


“Florentine” by Claire Pettibone

Florentine_f_03 (649x1024)

Detail of “Florentine” by Claire Pettibone


“Gladys” by Claire Pettibone

Gladys_b_02 (649x1024)

Back detail of “Gladys” by Claire Pettibone


“Primrose” by Claire Pettibone

Primrose_f_03 (649x1024)

Detail of “Primrose” by Claire Pettibone


“Wren” by Claire Pettibone

Wren_b_03 (649x1024)

Back detail of “Wren” by Claire Pettibone

We’re swooning over Florentine, Gladys, and Wren. Which styles from Claire Pettibone’s Spring 2014 collection are tugging at your heart strings?

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p.s. How pretty are the floral backdrops in the dress photos above? Something similar would be perfect for photo booths at an outdoor garden wedding!