From the Mag: Devan & Rodrigo’s Real Utah Wedding

See more of this elegant Argentine ranch affair by Michelle Leo Events & Heather Nan Photography

Most people vacation to get away from work, but while on a recent trip to Argentina, I couldn’t help but think about local newlyweds Devan Guilford and Rodrigo Vidal. We featured Devan and Rodrigo’s elegant Argentine ranch affair in the current issue of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom magazine. The darling duo met while Devan was working in Argentina, where Rodrigo is from. Today, we’re sharing more images from Heather Nan Photography of the the couple’s colorful, cultural celebration at Red Cliff Ranch by Michelle Leo Events. I can honestly say in the seven-plus years I’ve worked as wedding magazine editor, I have never seen a groom look at his bride the way Rodrigo looks at Devan–it’s enough to make¬† your heart melt. Take a peek at the photos and see for yourself!

Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-2 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-1 HNP_9725_resized wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0366_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0473_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0479_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0608_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0650_resized wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_0718_resized Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-4 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-5 devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_1016_resized wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-3 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-6 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-7 wedding photographer in utah Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-9 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-8 devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_2737_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_2819_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_2862_resized devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_2936_resized Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-10 Real-Utah-Wedding-Devan-Rodrigo-Heather-Nan-Photography-11 wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah wedding photographer in utah devan_rodrigo_vidal_wedding_4625_resized

To read more about these two lovebirds and the details of their wedding day, including a list of their local vendors, check out their Real Utah Wedding feature as seen in the pages of our magazine.

Congrats again, Devan and Rodrigo!

Thank you Michelle Leo Events and Heather Nan Photography for sharing this wedding with us!

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  1. Loved designing and planning this wedding. Thrilled to see it both in print and on the blog. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kale Fitch says:

    This wedding was so great! Love all the photos and would love to see the video here as well.

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