From the Mag: Tauri & Dylan’s Real Utah Wedding

See more photos of this Utah couple's sweet summer soiree by Ciara Richardson Photography

We fell truly, madly, and deeply in love with Tauri and Dylan’s pretty peach-and-navy-hued wedding from the moment we spied the duo’s big-day pics by photographer Ciara Richardson. The couple’s sweet summer soiree is featured in our current issue. There were so many lovely details and gorgeous images from the wedding–it was hard to narrow them down and put them in print! Today we’re spotlighting more of the couple’s purdy photos that you didn’t get to see in the pages of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom magazine. To read more about Tauri and Dylan, including their love story and details about their wedding + vendors, be sure to check out the couple’s Real Utah Wedding feature from the mag.

Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-15 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-17 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-16 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-1 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-2 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-3 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-4 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-5 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-6 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-7 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-8 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-9 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-10 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-18 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-20 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-19 Tauri-Dylan-RW-bouquets Tauri-Dylan-RW-couple-2 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-21 Tauri-Dylan-RW-couple-1 Tauri-Dylan-RW-bride Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-22 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-14 Tauri-Dylan-RW-details-1 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-11 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-12 Tauri-Dylan-RW-details-2 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-13 Tauri-Dylan-RW-cakes Tauri-Dylan-RW-desserts Tauri-Dylan-RW-details-3 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-23 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-24 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-25 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-26

Hop on over to the couple’s Real Utah Wedding feature to get the scoop on their big day. Congrats again, Tauri and Dylan!

Thank you Ciara Richardson for sharing these photos with us!

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