From the Mag: Love Notes Editorial

Gorgeous florals paired with pretty paper goods | Photographs by Britt Chudleigh

One of our favorite features in the new issue of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom is the LOVE NOTES editorial. We asked eight local designers—four florists and four stationers—to team up and create pretty pairings of flowers and paper goods inspired by four wedding styles: Organic Garden, Watercolor, Glam Art Deco, and Rustic Hipster. Add to the mix gorgeous gowns and statement jewels, and you have yourself one heck of a fine feature.

Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_TingeFloral_1 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_TingeFloral_2 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_TingeFloral_3

Tinge + October Ink

Britt Chudleigh -
SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_DecorationInc_1 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_DecorationInc_2 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_DecorationInc_3

Decoration Inc + Ann Elizabeth

Britt Chudleigh -
SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_BlossomSweet_1 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_BlossomSweet_2 SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_BlossomSweet_3 Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Blossom Sweet + Pink Piggy Design

 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_LizysLilies_1 SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_LizysLilies_2 Britt Chudleigh - SLPCBG_LoveNotes_BrittChudleigh_LizysLilies_3 Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Lizy’s Lilies + Saucy & Kitsch + The Write Image


Many thanks and a big round of applause to the talented local vendors who collaborated with us on this shoot!

Pick up a copy of the magazine or read the online feature from the magazine for further details about these flowers, paper goods, dresses, and jewels.


Local Vendor List

PHOTOGRAPHY: Britt Chudleigh
VENUE: La Caille
FLOWERS: Tinge | Decoration Inc. | Blossom Sweet | Lizy’s Lilies
PAPER GOODS: October Ink | Ann Elizabeth Custom Graphic Design & Printing Studio |
Pink Piggy DesignSaucy & Kitsch with The Write Image
GOWNS: Avenia Bridal | Alta Moda Bridal
JEWELRY: O.C. Tanner Jewelers
HAIR AND MAKEUP: Soula Christopulos
MODEL: Karley Parker