Photo Diary: Paper Wreath Workshop with The House That Lars Built

Relive the fun of The Write Image's crafty class captured by Kate Osborne Photography

Remember when the sun was blazing hot, flowers were in full bloom, and flip-flops were in heavy rotation? Yeah, we do too.

Today we’re channeling summer vibes with a look back at The Write Image‘s paper wreath workshop with The House That Lars Built. Last July, local gals gathered at the Salt Lake City paper boutique to learn the art of crafting paper flowers by the queen of paper blooms herself: Brittany Jepsen.

Attendees learned Jepsen’s tips and tricks while snacking on Seine Macarons‘ petite treats. Amid a flurry of colorful crepe paper, the snipping of scissors, and the sizzle of hot glue guns, Kate Osborne captured the evening’s hands-on fun. Check out her photos below.

kateosbornephotography-33551-small TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-6 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-3 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-2 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-7 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-8 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-10TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-11 kateosbornephotography-33597-small TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-13 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-15 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-9TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-14 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-16 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-17 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-18 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-19 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-1TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-5 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-20 TWIO-House-Lars-Built-Kate-Osborne-Photography-4 kateosbornephotography-33652-small

Missed out on the fun? Check out Brittany Jepsen’s online paper flower classes, and stay tuned for more arts & crafts workshops at The Write Image!

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