Sweet Dreams: A Playful Pillow-Fight Engagement Shoot

Feathers will fly in this cozy lifestyle engagement shoot at an Airbnb in Salt Lake City.

Spring has officially sprung, but given the Beehive’s current brrrrr factor, we’d rather be snuggled up in bed than out picnicking in the park.

Local couple Beth and Andy were feeling the same let’s-stay-in-bed (and stay warm) vibes when it came to dreaming up their engagement shoot with Kati Ann Photography. The twosome love to lounge around at home and binge on Netflix, and they wanted their engagement photos to reflect their casual, homebody status. Photographer Kati Powell shares her inspiration for the shoot:

Beth and Andy were really looking for a way to do their engagement session in a comfortable, indoor environment given how cold it is outside in the winter. They are the type of couple that likes to spend time together just doing nothing and watching movies. I came up with the idea to rent an Airbnb apartment and do a cozy lifestyle session complete with an epic pillow fight. It took more than an hour to clean up all the feathers, but it was so worth it! We included lots of casual everyday elements, too: hot chocolate, card games, snuggling in bed, etc. I think all young couples will relate to this session and will love it like I do!


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Beth and Andy tied the knot in the new Provo LDS Temple on March 23. Congrats, newlyweds!


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  1. Such a great post! Many times, people think they should save money by doing the stationery themselves, but it tends to end up looking home-made (which, of course, is just what it is.) It really isn’t very expensive to have it done professionally, especially when you take into account the time, effort, and headaches saved. Anyone can contact me through my website if they want more info on design and printing services.

  2. Paper? Somebody said “Stationery”….Oh My! As a calligrapher I get excited when I see lovely invitations and custom designed stationery! I love accentuating people’s stationery with hand lettering. But enough about that! I concur with Megan: the invitation is what sets the tone of a wedding as it is the introduction to the extravagant affair for the guests. Do it well…. after all, it is YOUR big day!

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