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Good Clean Fun: Laundromat Engagement Shoot by Yan Photography

What is it about a laundromat that makes it such a darn cute setting for an engagement shoot? The sweet-smelling dryer sheets? The soft whir of the washers? Maybe because it’s the perfect setting for a meet cute: “Boy pulls his sopping wet t-shirts out of the washer. As he’s loading them in the dryer he spots girl folding fluffy white towels. Their eyes meet, she blushes, he smiles. And the rest is history.” Or something like that. Whatever it is, today’s laundromat engagement shoot by Yan Photography is pretty darn cute.

Before we dive into the laundry love, allow me to introduce Courtney and Ryan. They didn’t actually meet in a laundromat, but their story is just as sweet.

From Courtney, the bride-to-be:

Ryan and I met a year ago at school. We hung out with the same group of friends and quickly became friends ourselves. It was at open lab for anatomy one night studying for an exam about the heart when we both started finding interest in each other.

Realizing your falling in love with your lab partner while huddled over anatomy text books studying about the workings of the heart? If that’s not a meet cute, I don’t what is.

But I digress. On to the laundromat engagement shoot, snapped in downtown Provo.

Aside from anatomy and clean clothes, Courtney and Ryan also love a good board game:

We love playing games together and we are both extremely competitive. Games as simple as rock-paper-scissors are enough to entertain us. From Uno to Yahtzee, we can play games all day long (and sometimes we have).

So of course it made sense to incorporate a couple of games and some friendly competition into the engagement shoot.



Courtney and Ryan are getting hitched this Saturday in Boise, Idaho. Congratulations!

Thank you Diana of Yan Photography for sharing this engagement shoot!

Have a great weekend everyone!