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Royal Wedding Inspiration: The Bouquet

What blooms will Ms. Middleton carry as she makes her way down the loooong red-carpeted aisle at Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding on Friday?

When Princess Diana wed Prince Charles in 1981 she carried a cascading bouquet of gardenias, orchids, lily of the valley, roses, freesia and myrtle, weighing nearly 7 pounds! (Fun fact: Apparently it’s tradition for a sprig of myrtle, known as the “herb of love”–grown from an off-shoot of the original myrtle bush used for Queen Victoria’s bouquet–to be included in royal wedding bridal bouquets.)

Will Catherine carry an opulent cascade bouquet a la Princess Diana? Or in true “Kate” fashion will she opt for something less fussy, though no less stylish? No doubt her bouquet will depend on the style of her gown (stay tuned for gown picks from local fashionistas later this week!), but we can still dream, right?

I asked Utah wedding florists Amanda Schelin of Branches Event Floral, and Sarah Winward of Ea Flowers, what they would create were they designing the bouquet for the princess-to-be.  Soft, netural color palettes, pretty blooms and luxe touches seem to reign supreme. Check out their Royal Wedding-inspired bouquets.

From Amanda Schelin, Branches Event Floral:

This bouquet is a reflection of Ms. Middleton herself: a classic beauty. I chose a muted palette of the palest pinks, creams and touches of champagne and antique golds, and a bouquet full of lush blooms. The result is a bouquet that’s feminine with a touch of stylish flair–just like the princess-to-be.

From Sarah Winward, Ea Flowers:

It seems that through the years most royal weddings have used shades of white flowers. Princess Diana went down the aisle with roses and orchids, a gorgeous combination but I think we all will agree that her bouquet screams “Welcome to the 80’s!”  I think a royal bouquet needs to a be a bit bigger than bouquets for us common folk, and maybe even with a slight cascading shape, but not quite as long as Diana’s…

I love different shades of white and cream, and the way that they all melt into each other. I am especially inspired by classic English gardens of roses with billowy petals, which are full of spring bulbs at this time of year. These elements together create a great natural mix of flowers that is modern, but also elegant and regal.

For Kate’s bouquet, I would suggest English garden roses in shades of cream and white, yellow fritillaria, dogwood blossoms, grape and jasmine vines, and a few phalaenopsis orchids. To add another slight but gorgeous color dimension, I’d wrap it all up in silk champagne-colored ribbon.

Thank you Amanda and Sarah for sharing your Royal Wedding-inspired bouquets!

What blooms do you think Ms. Middleton will carry for her red carpet stroll?


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