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Take a Bite: Red Velvet Cake Truffles by Martin’s Fine Desserts

Last week I was invited to a tasting at Martin’s Fine Desserts. On the menu: cake truffles. Or more specifically, red velvet cake truffles. (Tough gig, I know)

I was curious to taste these so-called cake truffles…were they truly a truffle of the chocolate variety or more like a super rich moresel of cake? I’ll tell you right now they are the latter and they are delicious. The formula? Take cake trimmings, add frosting, mix, form into balls, dip in chocolate or white chocolate, top with cake crumbs, freeze, devour.

Martin Perham’s melt-in-your-mouth cake truffles are similar in look and taste to popular cake bites or cake pops, but he’s been making them for more than 20 years (well before the term “cake pop” ever existed)–let’s just say the man knows a thing or two about creating delicious balls of cake.

Originally from London, Perham has been whipping up pastries for 30-plus years for big corporations and every day patrons. The former executive pastry chef at the Little America Hotel, today he creates cake bites plus mango mousse cakes, tiramisu, almond pear tarts and other tasty treats from his pastry kitchen in Salt Lake City.

The cake truffles–available in red velvet, dulce de leche and banana walnut–would make guest-pleasing wedding favors packaged in small boxes that can be customized to match your wedding colors. Or, you could display a tower of cake truffles on cake stands for a wedding dessert and candy bar. There’s no such thing as too much dessert, right?

Martin’s Fine Desserts, 2163 S. Richards Street, SLC, 801-244-0823