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Happy Hour: Xtend Barre Fitness Opens in Salt Lake City

The words “bar” and “fitness” mix about as well as gin and orange juice (ew). The words “barre” and “fitness,” on the other hand, are a match made in heaven (like champagne and peach puree…mmm bellinis). Confused? Allow me to explain.

This week, the ballet barre workout craze–popular among starlets and soccer moms alike–finally makes its way to Salt Lake City. Xtend Barre, the first free-standing barre studio in SLC, will open its doors this Saturday, May 21.

The Extend Barre workout is a fusion of ballet and pilates (times, like, 10). Workouts combine dance moves with traditional pilates techniques to strengthen, lengthen, slim, and tone. Brides looking to get in tip-top shape for the big day can get their groove on and work up a sweat with these fun and challenging classes. (And after yesterday’s swimsuit post, aren’t we all itching to whip our bods in shape?)

I signed up for a sneak peek class with Xtend Barre instructor Stephanie Stinson, and while my legs were shaking (violently shaking) during class and felt like Jell-o after, the next day I did feel longer, leaner, and lighter.

It’s not the typical two-for-one fun you’re used to experiencing at your neighborhood watering hole, but this barre’s happy hour is not to be missed. I’ll definitely be signing up for a second round.

Visit XtendBarreSLC.com for information about the studio’s grand opening, class schedules, and pricing details.

–Xtend Barre SLC, 450 E 900 S, SLC, 801-869-2752