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Visions In White: Bridesmaid Dresses in White, Ivory, and Cream

If you followed my recap posts about the Royal Wedding, you already know that I am a huge fan of Pippa Middleton’s white maid of honor dress, and of bridesmaids wearing white in general. And guess what? I’m not the only one. Lenni Stratton, manager of wedding boutique Lily & Iris in Salt Lake City, also loves the idea of dressing your besties in chic shades of white, ivory, and cream. She share’s the scoop on how to get the look and how to make it work…

Just about anyone with anything regarding weddings on her mind saw at least part of the Royal Wedding last week. If you’re like me (read: obsessed), you might have been up at 3 a.m. with your warm (caffeinated) beverage and jammies, and watching the whole thing go down live. AND if you’re like me, you were completely blown away by the choice in bridesmaid gown.


Princess Catherine honored her younger sister Philippa Middleton (affectionately referred to as “Pippa”) with the title of maid of honor, and further distinguished the role by helping to choose Pippa’s stunning ivory Alexander McQueen gown. You can read all about the Royal Wedding, and Tessa’s take on it here, but today, we want to talk about the idea of decking your maids out in shades of pearly white!

 Wtoo by Watters

 Here at Lily & Iris, we adore the idea. In fact, we’ve had several of our brides choose shades of the softest white or lightest champagne for their lovely ladies. It’s the perfect way to create a sweet connection between the bride and her bridesmaids, or to offset an unconventional bridal gown hue (think pink, champagne, and mocha bridal gowns).


White maids’ dresses are also a great way to emphasize a pop of color in your accessories or floral arrangements. Consider adorning your ivory-gowned beauties with bright and chunky turquoise jewelry, a classy coral silk cardigan, or a sash in the deepest navy. And imagine how striking big, bright blooms can look against the backdrop of classic little white dresses.

 Lela Rose by Dessy

Choosing white dresses for your maids opens up so many ways to let your creativity and style show! So when choosing your bridesmaid colors, follow our number one rule: be adventurous! Don’t forgo white gowns simply because someone somewhere told you to! Take a leaf out of Princess Catherine’s book, and go for it!


Thank you Lenni! If you’re interested in any of these white bridesmaid dresses, they are all available through Lily & Iris in Salt Lake City.

So, what do you think about white dresses for the bridal party? Brides, would you dress your maids in white? Bridesmaids, would you like to wear a white dress?