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Do the Twist: Dessy’s Versatile Twist-Wrap Dress for Bridesmaids

About a month ago I stopped by Lily & Iris, a wedding boutique in downtown Salt Lake City, to pick up some accessories for a photo shoot. While I was there, a bride, her mom, and her sister entered the shop and started browsing the racks of colorful bridesmaid dresses. I could tell this bride–and her mom and sis–were p-i-c-k-y by the way they looked at dress after dress, finding something “wrong” with all of them. Until, that is, Lily & Iris manager Lenni Stratton introduced them to the twist-wrap dress.  The bride’s sister tried on the dress and instantly fell in love with it’s flattering effect and versatile style (the dress can be worn a multitude of ways–more on this to follow).

Before I could blink an eye, the sister had ordered the dress for her bridesmaid attire, the bride had ordered one to wear to her rehearsal dinner plus a second dress  to wear for fun, and the mom had ordered two dresses for herself, as well. Let me do the math for you: that’s five twist-wrap dresses in total, ordered in mere minutes. Behold the power of the twist-wrap dress.

Needless to say, I was fascinated (and floored) by this episode, and promptly asked Lenni to share the skinny with our readers about this so-called twist-wrap dress: What is it, how does it work, and what’s so magical about it? She tells all below–take it away, Lenni!

What if your bridesmaid dresses could be completely customizable in length, style, and coverage, and it wouldn’t mean a single additional cost? What if your girls could choose their dress style on the day of the wedding, no matter their whim at the time? What if you could find one dress that worked perfectly for every bridesmaid, no matter her shape or personal style?

The Dessy Group may have found the perfect solution for the picky bride and bridesmaid! Dessy’s Twist-Wrap dress offers such a variety of styles and options in just one dress, that we really cannot say enough good things about it. You have to see it (and try it on!) to believe it. Here are just a few of the many ways you can wear the twist-wrap dress:

A key-hole style halter:

One-shoulder with a dramatic open back:

A simple tank with a fun criss-cross back:

There are even options for maids needing a full coverage style:

And did I mention the available coordinating bandeau? It gives maids even more coverage, plus an extra bit of slimming action through the waist and hips (which we all love, whether we need it or not!).  The bandeau is available in the same colors and fabrics as the dress.

Need even more options? What about contrasting colors? Choose any of the available colors (there are about twenty) for the top, and any other for the skirt.

Do bridesmaid dresses get more perfect? Or more easy? With at least a dozen ways to twist and tie this dress, the options are endless for your girls. These are just a few of the ways you can wear it, and with a little time and imagination, we’re sure you could come up with other ways that are perfect for you and your maids. Let your imagination run wild with this dress, and just have fun with it! The best part about it? This might actually be a dress your bridesmaids will want to wear again!

Thanks Lenni!

Bridettes, make an appointment with Lily & Iris and take your maids and moms (or your lovely ‘ol self) to try on and witness the power of the twist-wrap dress. After all, seeing is believing.

–Lily & Iris, 258 E 100 S, SLC, 801-413-3233, lilyandiris.com