Spread the Love: Send Us Your Snapshots with Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom Magazine!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend…probably spent devouring the premier issue of Salt Lake/Park City Brice & Groom magazine curled up on the couch in an air conditioned room or lounging on a chaise pool-side soaking up the July rays, right?

If you’ve picked up a copy of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom (and if not, here’s how and where you can get one) and you liked what you saw, then show us some love and send us a snapshot of you posing with your copy of the magazine. We’ll blog about your smiling, pretty/handsome face right here on the blog in the coming weeks!

Ashantai Yungai showed us his love for Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom, sending in these pics over the weekend:

Yungai, owner of Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy, is the talent behind the pretty calligraphy featured in Events by LMG‘s “Fresh Greens” tabletop spread on pages 84-85 of the magazine. Gorgeous work, Ashantai, and great snapshots!

Will your smiling face be next to grace our blog?