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Bridesmaids’ Guide: Transform Your Bridesmaid Dress Into a Little Black Dress!

After reading this post’s headline, you probably think I’m going to tell you one of two things: 1.) A really cool fashion magic trick, or 2.) To go buy a package of black Rit dye powder and get busy. Nope, I have a better idea (one that doesn’t involve smoke and mirrors, and is much less messy)–allow me to introduce you to NewlyMaid.

The brainchild of bridal fashion folks The Dessy Group, NewlyMaid is a new service that allows bridesmaids to turn their gently worn dresses into new ready-to-wear styles.

How, you ask? Simple: Search your closet for old bridesmaid dresses you’ll never wear again. (Side note: Props to all the brides who select such fab frocks their maids never need to use this service!)

Package and mail your old dresses to Newlymaid. (Free shipping!)

Upon inspection and approval of your items, NewlyMaid will offer you special discount pricing on a selction of stylish Little Black Dresses.

Easy peasy, right?


And the best part is, not only do you walk away with a brand new LBD, NewlyMaid recycles or donates your old bridesmaid dresses–so the service is a win-win for all fashion-lovers involved.

Ladies, have you heard of NewlyMaid? Have any of you used the service or plan to use it post-wedding? Share your thoughts below!