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Perfecting a Crafty Wedding Trend: Strips of Fabric + Ribbon – Utah Bride Blog Shows Us How

Well, it’s the last day of August (*le sigh*), and we’re saying sayonara to the month with a fun and informative guest post from two of our favorite wedding pros: Audrey O’Brien and Megan Bailey of Utah Bride Blog. Today, the dynamic duo are sharing their insight and advice on a wedding trend Utah brides can’t seem to get enough of: incorporating strips of fabric and ribbon throughout your wedding décor. (Side note: I was at a wedding two weekends ago in Seattle, and the couple had a pretty satin ribbon backdrop behind their dance floor, so this crafty craze extends well beyond Utah’s borders!) Read on for great fabric + ribbon décor ideas and how-to tips from Audrey!

The wedding world, like the fashion world, is full of trends! A trend itself is defined as, ‘The general course or prevailing tendency.’ And after being part of this lovely industry for more then a dozen years, I can attest to the relevance of bridal and wedding trends. It seems that this particular ribbon + fabric trend is really taking a lead as of late, and like many of the trends that appeal to Utah’s naturally crafty sensibility, this one has a little bit of DIY-flair.

My own assistant is planning a wedding and is smitten with this current colorful décor option, so it has forced me to take a little more notice! Like many “crafty” or “DIY” trends, we pros in the industry usually see them done wrong far more often then right, and this trend is no exception. So I thought a few inspiration photos of how to do it right might be in order!


Playful Props: This gorgeous bridal pic is a whimsical example of how just a few colorful ribbon streamers hanging from a tree really dress up an image and add the right amount of color and magic. I always love the kind of trees that “fountain” as I would call it. This creates that same effect with some color and elegance. It’s also simple and not overdone. Sometimes less really is more! Though this requires a great tree climber! [Editor’s note: This lovely image also graced the cover of our sister magazine, Seattle Met Bride & Groom!]


Chair Adornments: I really like the idea of this twist on dressing up your ceremony or reception chairs as opposed to chair covers. It’s classy and colorful with a fun feel to it! It would require the hand of a perfectionist to aquire perfect knots and length, and in all likelihood is not any cheaper then a great alternative chair adornment but it’s well suited to a certain style of wedding when completed properly.


Décor Elements: Again back to the tree concept, but this time as décor. This particular image I am personally smitten with. It is just so soft, romantic, and whimsical with a mood that perfectly suits a wedding. This idea provides a very simple and creative element of décor that would be hard to mess up if the right foundations were set in place, like a fantastic tree and the right choice of color and texture of ribbon!


Romantic Canopy of Color: Another décor element that really sets the room! Without these elegant strands of ribbon gracefully draped over this wedding set, the scene would be too bare and unfinished. The ribbon creates a ceiling but still allows a breeze to flow through and the ambiance of the outdoors to take precedence, while adding the right amount of color and texture.


Ceremony Backdrops: Time after time brides walk into my office with a backdrop dilemma. How do you stage that brief yet entirely important area where those vows take place? Not with columns and lattice? Who is right these days?! Though there are many options out there, the use of fabric and ribbon strips really is a genuinly creative and lovely option, as shown here!

Thank you Audrey and Megan for today’s guest post! Gals, for even more crafty, DIY, and all-around great wedding how-to’s, be sure to check out Utah Bride Blog!

Brides, are you incorporating strips of fabric and/or ribbon in your wedding décor? Vendors, how are you including this trend in your clients’ big days? Join the conversation, and share your trend ideas and tips below!

{Image Credits, top to bottom: Image 1 via Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog; Image 2 from Our Labor of Love Photography and My Simple Details; Image 3 via Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog by Kellie Kano Photography and Elissa Keno; Image 4 by Sloan Photographers; Image 5 from The Loveliest Day}