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Art Meets Fashion (AMF) Featured Artist: Designer Mary Rino for Lily Bride Designs

Happy Friday, friends!

All week we’ve introduced you to local artists and designers who will be a part of Art Meets Fashion (AMF), taking place a week from Saturday, October 15 in Salt Lake City. (You can read more about the event and purchase tickets here.)

Today we’re wrapping up our coverage of AMF with a local designer each and every one of you brides-to-be will want to know about: Mary Rino for Lily Bride Designs.

Brides, you are about to lay your eyes on some truly beautiful designs….

Rino worked as an intern with the Utah Opera Costume shop before taking a position with Ballet West, where she worked under Dave Heuvel for three years helping to design traditional tutus and elaborate dresses.

After searching for a gown for her own wedding, and being disappointed with the designs she found, she decided to launch her own line of custom bridal and evening gowns. Rino started Lily Bride Designs with five gowns inspired by Greece.

“I try and bring all that I love about history, romantic period novels (you guessed it, big Jane Austen fan here!), handmade laces and embellishments, costumes, and corsets into my designs,” says Rino.

Each Lily Bride gown is designed in two versions: one with sleeves and one sleeveless.  (Good news for many of you Utah brides!) This allows Rino the ability to effortlessly accommodate brides who need additional coverage without disrupting the harmony and balance of the original design.

Rino’s designs are classic and elegant with an innovative twist: a splash of unexpected color or a modern design paired with Old World details and embellishments. Rino says she “designs for the woman who relishes in being a woman: curves, ruffles, lace and all.”

Lily Bride Designs offers custom bridal, evening, bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother’s dresses. For more information or to contact Mary Rino, call 801-688-4558 or email lilybridedesignz@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Looking forward to Art Meets Fashion next weekend–don’t forget to get your tickets!

A big thank you to Heidi Gress, Anne Cummings-Anderson, and Zuzanna Audette for sharing the details and images for this week’s AMF posts!

{Images: Zuzanna Audette}