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Gem Tones: Jewel-Hued Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings from Lily & Iris

Happy Monday, dear readers!

We’re starting the week with a fashionable foot forward–today we have a guest post about jewel-tone bridesmaid dresses from the style team at Lily & Iris. We love the look of jewel tones for winter weddings, so we asked Lenni Stratton from Lily & Iris to give us the skinny on the best bridesmaid dresses in these rich hues. Take it away, Lenni!

The Dessy Group

We’ve seen a surge in the bridesmaid market recently for bold jewel tones: deep emerald greens, stunning sapphire blues, bold ruby reds, and brilliant amethysts. Is this a trend you’re loving, too?

Alfred Sung

Here at Lily & Iris, we have many gorgeous dresses in these shades, and we’re excited about satin and taffeta fabrics for winter weddings. These luxe fabrics are a bold shift from the soft chiffons of summer, and the sheen of satin gives beautiful jewel tones the perfect amount of oomph!


Don’t just limit jewel tones to your maids–why not consider them for yourself, too? Right now is the perfect time to be thinking about holiday dresses, and jewel tones are always a hit during the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year party seasons. After all, you’ll want to dress to impress when everyone at the party will be flocking to you to hear about your engagement and wedding plans!

Social Bridesmaids by Dessy

Thank you for sharing the skinny on jewel-tone dresses, Lenni!

So, brides-to-be, how do you feel about jewel tones for your wedding day? Love ’em or leave ’em? Would you dress your maids in emerald, sapphire, ruby, or amethyst?