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Something Old, Something New: Bouquets + Flowers

Continuing our “Something Old, Something New” posts this week, today we turn our attention to all things floral: bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces. What style of florals will be popping up in weddings in 2012? And which stems will make the biggest statement this year? Four local florists share their thoughts on what’s in bloom–and what’s not–for the new year.

From Audrey O’Brien, STUDIO STEMS:

Something Old Something that I want to see stay back in 2011 (and 2010, 2009, and maybe as far back as 2008) is a peacock feather theme and color scheme. It’s really been had and done and overdone and done again! It emerged and existed in all facets of fashion but became very trendy here in Utah for weddings for several years. I don’t mind the use of feathers, but we have seen enough of the peacock for an era or two.

Bouquet by Studio Stems; Image by Rebekah Westover

Something New What I would like to see continue to emerge is the use of more timeless and classic design when it comes to bouquets and wedding flowers. Certainly designs that feel relevant and current but also designs that will stand the test of time and still be gorgeous! I think the timeless trend will take us to a more classic shaped bouquet but with some freedom rather then a manipulated dome. A variety of blooms could accommodate this new trend but it’s more about how they are paired and in making sure that there is not too much of a modern flair, or even vintage flair–this is not about creating a specific look as much as just something that works well together and compliments each bloom. In addition, I think we will continue to see whites and tone-on-tone palettes.


Something Old Something that I think was taken seriously in 2011 weddings was being very literal with an aesthetic or theme that you wanted in your wedding. You can have a rustic wedding in a barn, but still make it elegant. Your venue (a barn in this case) sets the stage for your event, and then you can bring in elements that are more refined through your flowers, table settings, and decor to find a great balance. I think the theme of every wedding should still be “wedding,” and it can do that while still feeling true to your taste. Elegance doesn’t have to be over the top with crystals and chandeliers…to me elegance is simple beauty.

Something New Looking into 2012, a lot of my clients have very rustic venues. However, most of them have chosen to go with very natural, elegant flowers that are lush and full.  We are using mostly subdued color palettes, with lots of whites and neutrals. All will be accented by candlelight, many set in silver candlesticks. The combination is stunning, and I can hardly wait to see each of the weddings come together!

From Shelly Huynh, ORCHID DYNASTY:

Something Old DDIY–Don’t Do It Yourself. You’re really not saving money, and you’re losing time you could be spending on creating memories of the wedding.

Florals by Orchid Dynasty; Image by Nick Sokoloff

Something New I am all for expressing love, and something timeless and classic. I love a celebration with lush florals, whether romantic or bold with modern elements. The luxury of beautiful blooms that expresses a more mature taste–a little less cute and more sophisticated for such a grand occasion. I’d like to revisit some of my favorite flowers such as Jasmine vine, Hyacinths, Catteleya, Sweet Peas, and Nerine Lilies, but design them in modern containers with unexpected details–inspirations from the past, but defined and created for the present.

From Melissa Nickle, BLOSSOM SWEET:

Something Old Everyone keeps saying the days of the vintage wedding trend are numbered. How does this apply to flowers? I’d like to see brides introduce bold palettes back into their design concepts! Muted tones rule in a vintage setting, and while I agree that those hues are lovely, it’s about time we throw some fully-saturated shades in the mix.

Something New I want to see more metallic and industrial elements used in the floral details, such as the bridal bouquet’s handle treatment, the groomsmen boutonnieres, or the centerpiece vessels. As long as this concept is done right and isn’t too “in your face,” the result could prove to be modern, stunning, and unexpected, especially in the right venue and with the right bride.


Thank you Studio Stems, Honey of a Thousand Flowers, Orchid Dynasty, and Blossom Sweet for sharing your “Something Old, Something New” thoughts with us today regarding bridal bouquets and wedding flowers!

Brides, how to do you feel about classic bouquet shapes, lush florals for your event, and white, bold, or tone-on-tone color palettes?

Tomorrow: We wrap up our “Something Old, Something New” week with Invitations + Paper Goods!