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Something Old, Something New: Wedding Decor + Design

Yesterday we chatted with local bridal boutique owners about “Something Old, Something New” fashion trends, and today we’re continuing our old/new feature with local wedding planners and designers. Read on for these event pros’ take on everything from elegant nuptials and Chiavari chairs to bold patterns and Mason jars (hint: it’s time to think beyond this vintage standby).

From Mara Marian-Harwood, EVENTS BY LMG:

Something Old I’d love to never see another Mason jar at a wedding used as a floral vase, drink glass, or candle holder.

Image by Bridget McEnaney Photography

Something New In 2012, I’d love to see brides stop worrying about whether or not their wedding party includes an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I’d like to see couples include people in their wedding party who are important to them without regard to friend and family “politics.”


Images by Pepper Nix Photography

Something New In 2012, we are excited to see a change in the flow of trends. We are looking forward to a more formal feel with a stylistic and modern twist. We are anticipating more lush and sculptural florals in unique vessels. We would love to see the trend lean toward finished looks that provide an unforgettable guest experience and to-die-for photographs: Less scattered details and more refinery. Custom linens instead of mismatched vintage pieces. Sleek fitted tuxes and fabulous gowns reminiscent of royalty. This year, we hope 2012 touches everyone with a bit of luxury.

From Lauren Brady, SAUCY & KITSCH:

Something Old I say out with Chiavari chairs…

Image by W. Scott Chester

Something New …and in with assorted bistro and cafe chairs!

From Jacque Riehl, RIEHL EVENTS:

Something Old In 2011 we started to see the vintage trend give way to a more modern, clean-lined look with a touch of something special, like a beautiful antique mirror, or pieces with more meaning to the bride and groom. I truly hope to see this trend continue into 2012 because I like a cleaner look with just a touch of sentimentality.

Image by Riehl Events 

Something New For 2012, I’m looking forward to cleaner color palettes with monochromatic whites and touches of greyed out colors like slate blue or bright pops of color. I love this look paired with great lighting, fabulous rich fabrics, and lots of prints and textures!


Something Old Out with “Jars and bars”–enough with the mason jars and the candy bar set-ups…

Soong loves the bold inspiration of this image of Kirsten Dunst by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue: a chevron-print pink and gray ball gown by Alexander McQueen combined with the black and white checkered tiles and the traditional architecture

Something New In with bold, graphic, modern patterns on linens, runners, and signage.


Something Old I wouldn’t mind DIY weddings staying put in 2011. Don’t get me wrong, I love unique details and personalization in a wedding, but I don’t like to walk into a wedding knowing that the bride and her entire family have slaved away over every tiny detail that they had to glue, cut, paste, and sew for hundreds of hours. A few handmade details–that actually mean something to the couple–are so much more important and provide more of an impact.

Image by Philosophy Photography 

Something New I am excited for elegance and glamour in 2012! I love the glitz and the glam of a black tie affair, and it’s something that the wedding industry is shifting towards once again. I’m loving gold details and tablescapes, tall centerpieces, rich textures, and lots of lace. I think brides are a little apprehensive about more elegant events because they think they can’t be as personalized, which isn’t true–there are still so many ways to add a special touch to an elegant wedding!


Thank you Events By LMG, Soiree Productions, Saucy & Kitsch, Riehl Events, Mood Events, and Attention 2 Detail Events for sharing your “Something Old, Something New” thoughts with us today!

What do you think of these decor and design ideas?

Tomorrow: “Something Old, Something New” trends and ideas for cakes and desserts!