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Something Old, Someting New: Cakes + Desserts

Craving something sweet? We hit up local bakers and caterers to find out what new design elements will be popping up on wedding cakes this year, and which new tasty treats will take center stage on dessert buffets in 2012. (And which cake accents and treats were happily retired in 2011.)

From Tasha Mitchell, CAKE-A-LICIOUS:

Something Old A trend from 2011 that I wish would stay in 2011 is damask–it’s a beautiful pattern, but it has been done a bit much over the past couple years.

Something New One of the trends I’m most looking forward to this year is ruffles. There are so many ways you can put ruffles on your cake and still keep it unique and fresh. Another trend I hope to see more of in 2012 is multiple cakes instead of a single, large tiered cake. I love the look of a grouping of cakes on different cake stands with individual but cohesive designs.

From Mary Crafts, CULINARY CRAFTS:

Something Old Last year we saw the final death of the “Chocolate Fountain”–we didn’t serve one all year…good riddance!

Something New This year we see America’s love affair with the cupcake being replaced with “Cake Bites.” They are delicious and can be cleverly displayed on a lollipop stick.

From Julie Hill, LAYERS CAKE:

Something Old An “old” trend that I wish would continue in 2012 is the monogram. A monogram is such an elegant way to personalize a wedding cake.

Something New A “new” trend that I wish would become more prevalent is actually serving the wedding cake to guests! It’s such a shame to have a gourmet cake that only a few people get to taste!

From Janell Brown, ONE SWEET SLICE:

Something Old Where do I start? Off-set square cakes–over about four years ago. Black piped swirls–no longer original. Traditional quilting–pretty, but there are so many other fun options. Black and white damask–over, done. Bride and groom cake toppers–let it go. Baby’s Breath and lots of greenery in the floral arrangements for the cake topper–bad idea. Gumpaste calla lilies. Flowers placed on every corner or ledge of the cake. Silk flowers–go sugar or fresh, or not at all. Fondant bows as the cake top.

Something New Things I love and are or will become big this year include: Beading; extra deep tiers; mixing tier depths and shapes; using fabric patterns for design; sugar flowers that don’t look like “real” flowers; groupings of small wedding cakes; dessert buffets with the wedding cake at the center; cakes full of texture; embossed patterns; hand painting; geometric patterns; edible jewelry (bling!); lots of color.


Thank you Cake-A-Licious, Culinary Crafts, Layers Cake, and One Sweet Slice for sharing these cake + dessert ideas and trends!

Tomorrow: “Something Old, Something New” Flowers!