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Air Supply: Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Infusion Facial at the St. Regis Deer Valley Rèmede Spa

Before you read this, you should know I am not—make that was not—a big fan of facials. Past facial experiences always left my super sensitive skin super red, irritated, and seemingly for the worse. When going to a spa, I preferred to spend my money on a massage or a mani/pedi.

But recently, after discovering three creases on my forehead—wrinkles!—I’ve been thinking it’s high time I learn to embrace the facial (and invest in a better night cream). So when an email from the St. Regis Deer Valley Rèmede Spa popped up in my inbox inviting me to try Intraceuticals’ “Oxygen Infusion Facial” treatment during Sundance last week, I hesitated—but only for a moment. I thought of those rapidly deepening forehead creases, panicked, and quickly replied, “YES!” to the St. Regis’ generous offer. Hey, if the treatment is good enough for celebs like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Naomi Campbell, it’s gotta work wonders, right?

Rèmede Spa at the St. Regis Deer Valley

(Side note: If you haven’t journeyed to the Rèmede Spa at the St. Regis Deer Valley, you MUST go. Even if you just stop by to tour the facilities and don’t indulge in a facial, massage, or hot stone treatment, it will be worth your time. The spa is 14,000 square feet of pure tranquility, with relaxing water features throughout, including a waterfall and indoor “stream.” Now, back to my facial…)

So last week, after descending the Rèmede Spa’s large spiral staircase to the dimly lit lower level, I found myself on a bed, wrapped in a warm blanket, in one of the spa’s 11 treatment rooms. I had surrendered my skin to the nurturing hands of Melissa, an Intraceuticals skin care guru and an employee at the St. Regis in Kauai. She had flown to Park City to work at the St. Regis Deer Valley during Sundance, and boy was I glad to have met her. Despite living on the beach, her skin was crystal clear and enviably smooth and healthy looking. (Her secret? Plenty of sunscreen, a good skin care regimen, and foods with healthy fats like avocados, almonds, and salmon.) This is going to be good, I thought as she prepped me for the treatment.

Before we got started, Melissa explained the Oxygen Infusion process: The treatment infuses the skin with moisture, binding hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants into the skin via topical hyperbaric oxygen. What? Basically, the treatment involves a thin silver wand—similar to an airbrush makeup wand—that gently sprays a cocktail of pure oxygen and Intraceuticals vitamin-, antioxidant, moisture-rich serum over the face. The gentle spray of oxygen helps push the serum deep into the skin’s pores. OK, got it—let’s get started.

The wand was cool to the touch and felt great on the skin. The treatment was relaxing and refreshing—two things I’d never experienced from a facial. (You can see an example video of the treatment here–scroll down to the second video.) Half way through the treatment, Melissa stopped and handed me a mirror. She had just applied the treatment to the right half of my face and she wanted me to see the difference. I was shocked: the results were immediate and obvious. The right half of my face was noticeably brighter and smoother, and my skin looked plumper and lifted. I quickly handed Melissa the mirror and asked her to continue.

While she went to town on the left half of my face, Melissa mentioned that the treatment is especially popular among brides—my ears perked. I asked her to tell me more: She said the treatment is great for brides—and bridesmaids, moms, AND grooms—because it’s non-invasive, so there’s no redness or irritation following the procedure. Melissa recommends brides schedule an Oxygen Infusion Facial the day before their nuptials for a pretty, fresh-faced glow on the big day. (Results last four days.) Melissa said the treatment is particularly helpful to those of us residing in a dry mountain climate like Utah, and it’s also great for combating jet-lag—the perfect pick-me-up for destination brides and out-of-town wedding guests.

When my Oxygen Infusion Facial treatment ended, I was on could nine. (Appropriate, considering my skin felt like a cloud.) My skin was cushy and hydrated. The delicate area around my eyes looked brighter, my lips were plumper (Melissa placed the wand over my lips to plump up my kisser, which tickled slightly but was well worth it), and my cheekbones appeared more prominent and lifted. My skin felt smooth and baby soft. Overall, I look refreshed, rehydrated, rejuvenated. The best part? My treatment was on a Wednesday, and I saw and felt the results for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Friends, whether you’re a bride, groom, spa junkie, or spa newbie, do your face a favor and schedule an Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Infusion Facial. Take it from me, a former facial non-believer: this treatment is the real deal, and you’ll see and feel real results.

Call or email the Rèmede Spa at the St. Regis Deer Valley for pricing details and to book your appointment: 435-940-5830, remede.spa@stregis.com