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Old World Beauty: Victorian-Style Bridal Shoot by Jessica Janae Photography

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! If you like classic, polished style and traditional home decor, then you’re going to love today’s feature: a romantic, Victorian-esque bridal shoot by Jessica Janae Photography.

When I first saw these images of bride-to-be Noelle (her fiance Tim joined her for some of the photos, too), my first thought was, “Kate Middleton.” From her regal lace dress, complete with a  high collar and elbow-length sleeves (purchased at The Perfect Dress) to her perfectly coiffed updo (courtesy of Biz Lalli from Lunatic Fringe Salon), Noelle is every bit as elegant and polished as Princess Catherine. I’m completely enamored.

Photographer Jessica Janae shares some details about the inspiration and style of Noelle’s bridal shoot:

Noelle wanted a really classy, old-school, vintage style for her bridals. Her parents live on Haxton Place in downtown Salt Lake City, a beautiful little street where all the houses look like beautiful English homes. We decided to shoot on that street, in her parent’s house, and in neighbors’ homes. The setting turned out to be amazing with the style of Noelle’s dress and hair/makeup. She had such a classic, Old World kind of beauty–I loved it.

I used all film and natural light so that everything looked really raw and beautiful. All the photos are really grainy and have a lot of emotion. They almost look antique.  

I couldn’t agree more–the quality of the film makes the images seem as though they could have been found in a dusty, antique wedding album from the turn of the century, and Noelle’s style and poise certainly recall an earlier era.

Thank you Jessica for sharing this bridal/groomal shoot with us today! Congratulations Noelle and Tim!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!