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Caviar Manicures—The Next Big Bridal Nail Trend?

UK-based nail polish brand Ciate releases their new Caviar Manicure kits this spring, just in time for wedding season.

Move over shellac—there’s a new nail trend coming to town: the caviar manicure. Before you can say “Ew,” we’re happy to report this mani doesn’t actually involve real fish eggs, rather caviar-like beads.

UK-based nail polish brand Ciate will be releasing the new Caviar Manicure kits this April; the kits will be available in the U.S. at Sephora. The kits will come in three colors: Mother of Pearl, Black Pearl, and Rainbow (which has a striking resemblence to Funfetti, no?). Ciate describes the Caviar Mani as “feminine, indulgent, yet delicately extravagent…the finished effect gives nails an instant sophisticated look.”

To get the three-dimensional mani, you first apply a coat of Ciate Paint Pot color to nails, followed by an application of the tiny beads. Seems relatively easy to pull off–similar to applying a top coat of crackle or glitter polish—but we have to wonder how long the beads will stay put once applied to the nail. An hour? A day? A week?

We think the white or black Caviar Manis would be fun to dress up brides’ digits for the big day, and the multicolored kit could be cool for bridesmaids. But what do you think? Is this a nail trend you’d try for your wedding or just for fun? Weigh in below!