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Out of the Mouths of Babes: Model Molly Sims Raves About SLC’s Katie Waltman Jewelry

We know “babes” usually refers to babies, but today we’re spotlighting the wise words of a different type of babe–the hot, model kind.

We’ve long been fans of Salt Lake City’s Katie Waltman Jewelry, so our ears perked when we heard a rumor that model/actress Molly Sims was also a fan. Then we saw this YouTube video of Miss Sims raving about a pair of Katie Waltman earrings, and the rumor was confirmed!

In the video, Sims is wearing Katie Waltman’s classic hematite crystal earring:

We like the drama of the dark hematite hue for your wedding day or for a night out on the town (as Sims says, you can dress these earrings up or dress them down), but if you prefer a softer look, try the same earring in one of these three lighter styles: smoky, champagne, and clear crystal.

At just $48 a pop, the earrings make elegant but affordable bridesmaids gifts, too!

You can order Katie Waltman earrings online, or pick up a pair at Salt Lake City boutique Koo De Ker.