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Takes the Cake: Watch One Sweet Slice on ‘Cupcake Wars’ This Sunday

Given a lazy Sunday morning, our routine goes something like this: Sleep in, make coffee, turn on the Food Network. If your weekend TV-watching habits are similar to ours, then you’ll be happy to know we all have a good excuse to turn on the telly this Sunday: One Sweet Slice, the South Jordan custom cake and cupcake shoppe, is competing on the Food Network’s “Cupcakes Wars!”


Custom cupcakes by One Sweet Slice

One Sweet Slice has been baking custom cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions for more than seven years. In June 2011, owner Janell Brown opened a retail location for One Sweet Slice in South Jordan. We worked with Brown to create a trio of classic fondant cakes featured in our winter/spring 2012 issue, and we were wowed by her delicate sugar brooches and gumpaste flowers.

Cakes by One Sweet Slice for our winter/spring 2012 issue

We caught up with Brown, a self-described “Cupcake Wars” junkie, and chatted with her about her Food Network debut:

How did you get involved with the Food Network and “Cupcake Wars?”

After about six months of having the custom cake and cupcake shoppe, and every other customer asking us when we were going to be on “Cupcake Wars,” I decided I was ready to apply and give it a shot. I sent the Food Network my basic information and a few days later they responded asking us to make a 2-3 minute video about why we should be on the show. We waited about a month before they responded and told us we were accepted as one of the contestants. A couple weeks later my assistant and I were competing on the show in L.A.!  

For those who aren’t familiar with “Cupcake Wars” (or addicted to the Food Network, like us), could you briefly explain the premise of the show?

“Cupcake Wars” is a competition reality show. Four cupcake bakeries compete to be the last one standing. Each show has a theme (our theme was Star Wars–cool!) with three rounds. Each round one baker and his/her assistant is eliminated. We are judged on taste, appearance, and how well we incorporate secret ingredients. 

Have you been a long-time fan of the show?

Yes! I am a “Cupcake Wars” junkie! I recorded all the episodes and would watch them when I could–opening One Sweet Slice took up 90 percent of my time. When I was accepted to compete on the show, I made sure to watch all the episodes to better know the judges and what they liked and didn’t like. 

Tell us about your experience on the show–what can viewers expect to see on Sunday when they tune in?

The show was intense. It really is as hectic and stressful as it looks on the show. All I can say about the show is that we did our best and our competitive nature emerged! I think our background with wedding cakes and dealing with high-stress situations helped prepare us and gave us a competitive advantage. 

Did you learn any new tricks or get inspired to try any new cupcake ideas after appearing on the show?

The show made me realize there is always a new combination to try that hasn’t been done before, and because of this I have experimented more with flavors. 


Friends, be sure to tune in to the Food Network this Sunday, September 9 at 6 p.m. MST to cheer on Janell Brown and One Sweet Slice as they attempt to take the cake on “Cupcake Wars!”