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Victory Is Sweet: One Sweet Slice Wins ‘Cupcake Wars’

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Janell Brown, owner of South Jordan’s One Sweet Slice, would be competing on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” If you tuned into the TV show the night of her competition, you know that Brown and her team were crowned the cupcake champions thanks to their scrumptious Star Wars-themed sweets! (And if you missed the show, now you know!) We caught up with Brown to get the low-down on her Food Network victory and find out how we can sink our teeth into her winning cupcakes.

Janell Brown (right) with her assistant Kristen Cold (left) and “Cupcake Wars” guest judge Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

SLPCBG: How did you feel heading into “Cupcake Wars?” Did you know who your competitors would be? 

BROWN: Going into the show I felt excited, nervous, and a little unsure. The judges on the show aren’t the type of people to taste your cupcakes and then smile and say they taste great even if they don’t. I knew they would give me an honest opinion. There are so many great cupcake shops across the nation and creative ideas for flavors and displays, so I knew our competition would be good. I did not know who our competitors would be; in fact, they would not let us talk to each other during the filming of the show. So it wasn’t until after it aired that I found out the names of the competitors’ bakeries.

What did you think about your assigned Star Wars theme and ingredients? Had you ever designed Star Wars cupcakes before the show?

When I heard the theme was Star Wars I was excited–who doesn’t love Star Wars? I was really happy to have ingredients I could use that would make a great tasting cupcake that wasn’t too crazy, and could still deliver the flavor and contrast of light and dark the judges were looking for.  (I’m just glad no fish was involved.) We had designed a few Star Wars-themed cakes in the past, but no cupcakes.

Brown’s Star Wars-themed cupcake display

You took home the gold thanks to your great-tasting cupcake–what made your flavor rise above the rest?

We tried to stick with good, classic cupcake flavors and add a little twist to each one.  I didn’t want to overload the cupcakes with too many ingredients. They needed to be tasty, simple, and a little unique. My assistant, Kristen, and I work really well together and we’ve been in many stressful and time-crunching situations with the number of wedding cakes we’ve made. I think those experiences really helped us manage our time and stay positive and focused so we could win!

How did it feel to be crowned the queen of “Cupcake Wars?” 

Winning “Cupcake Wars” was incredible!! After so many hours of hard work, it made everything worth it. It’s fun to play the game, but even more fun to win! I felt so happy and grateful to so many people who helped us get there, and who were cheering us on and supporting us. 

Last but not least, how can we get our hands on one of your winning cupcakes?!

You can buy the Spiced Black Pepper cupcake from round one, and the Yoda Key Lime cupcake and the Luke Skywalker cupcake (maple brown sugar and peanut butter) at One Sweet Slice for the entire month of September!


Thank you, Janell! Congratulations to you and your cupcake team!

Friends, to get your paws on a Star Wars cupcake, run, don’t walk, to One Sweet Slice: 1644 West Towne Center Drive, Suite D6, South Jordan.