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Hip to Be Hitched: How to Throw (or not) a Hipster Wedding

After spying this funny infographic decoding hipster weddings over on Refinery 29, I had to share it here. Salt Lake City has its own thriving hipster scene (just head to the Twilite Lounge on any given weekend for proof), and I’ve seen plenty o’ mason-jar-and-mustache-filled weddings come across my desk. These kitschy-cool shindigs are not to be confused with their (much less hip) cousin, the vintage wedding–so 2009. To help clear up any confusion surrounding hipster celebrations, the gals at R29 have come to the rescue with their cute charticle. Follow along and enjoy!

Based on R29’s infographic, have you found yourself as a guest at a hipster wedding or are you planning a hipster wedding yourself? Share all the hipsterific details below!