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Name Changer: The Last Name Project

Brides, will you be taking your husband’s last name after you marry? Will you be hyphenating your last name and his last name? Grooms, is it important to you that your future wife take your last name? Or is it a decision you’re leaving up to her?

To change or not to change your last name? That is the question.

Choosing to change your last name after marriage (or not) can be a no-brainer for some and a big decision for others. If you’re on the fence about the name game yourself, check out The Last Name Project, a blog series where gals and guys share the details of their decisions to keep, change, or combine their last names post-wedding.

Recently, Huffington Post Weddings shared some excerpts from couples featured on The Last Name Project. Their decisions to change or keep their last names are all over the board–some logical, some hilarious, some inventive.  Check out a few of the name-change decisions that caught our attention:

You can’t change your last name when you own your own URL! Just kidding. Sort of. But really, my decision to keep my last name was sort of a non-decision. I never, even as a child, imagined having a different name than the one I was born with.

I got married a year and a half ago. I knew for many years that I wouldn’t want to marry someone who demanded that I change my name, and I had thought that meant that I wouldn’t change my name. My husband left the choice entirely up to me, and I surprised myself by taking his last name when we applied for the marriage license.

Everyone just assumed we’d have the kids take my name, as that seems to be the standard solution to the “parents have two last names” issue. But we just didn’t like what that implies about my family vs. hers. So we alternated! Our first daughter has my last name (and my wife’s last name as a middle name) and our second daughter has my wife’s last name (and my last name as a middle name).

The most important thing for me is that my husband, my children, and I all have the same last name. For me, last names are unifiers. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that that last name has to be my husband’s. I know that. And yet, I still think I’ll ultimately lean in that direction.

You can read more excerpts from couples in the Huffington Post article, or check out the couples’ full profiles on The Last Name Project. And if you’re so inclined (or inspired), you can even submit your personal name-change story to be featured on the blog.

We’re curious, Salt Lakers and Parkites, what are your thoughts on changing your last name? Are you for it, against it, or not sure? We’d love to hear your take on the topic.