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If The Shoe Fits: Allez Shoes by SLPCBG’s Leah Willis

We wear a lot of hats here in the SLPCBG office. We write, we edit, we style, we research, we fact-check–and we design shoes. Yup, that’s right. Allow us to introduce you to Allez Shoes, designed by our very own account executive Leah Willis. What makes her design so special? The shoes feature an interchangeable heel that allows the footwear to be worn as flats, kitten heels, or sky-high stilettos.

Our designer-in-the-making came up with the concept for Allez while riding her bike to a dinner party–wearing four-inch heels. Allez shoes feature similar technology to clip-in bike pedals. Below, Willis shares her inspiration for the fancy footwear:

I love wearing heels, but it’s not always convenient (or comfortable). Throughout the course of the day, I may want different heel heights or looks for different events. Running to the car in the snow? Flats. Going to an important work meeting? Conservative heels. Heading to a hot date after work? Sexy high heels! Allez Shoes offer an endlessly versatile design.

We’re particularly fond of Allez around these parts because, as Willis notes, the shoes are ideal for brides and bridesmaids:

Ladies can change their looks between the ceremony and the reception, swapping a sophisticated, satin heel for a crystal-studded, brightly colored heel. And, of course, any woman who has ever worn heels while dancing knows how great it would be to conveniently switch to flats without having to lug around a second pair of shoes! 

Channeling her inner Leonardo da Vinci, Willis submitted her invention to The Leonardo’s + KSL’s “Night of the Genius” contest, and she’s one of five finalists! Hop on over to The Leonardo’s website to vote for Allez Shoes. Willis could win a trip to Italy and be crowned the next great inventor! And one day soon, you could be sporting a pair of Allez Shoes.

Good luck, Leah!