Bright Ideas: Marquee-Style Lighting Decor

See your names—or initials, symbols, and phrases—in bright lights on the big day

Lately, we’ve been noticing marquee-style lights illuminating cool shindigs and chic spaces around town, and we love the look of light-bulb signs, letters, and symbols for weddings, engagement parties, and photo shoots. From a bride’s and groom’s initials to stars and hearts to words like “Love” and “Celebrate,” the festive decor casts a romantic glow on reception settings and makes a fun prop for dessert tables, bars, and photo booths (they’re also a great prop for engagement photos!).






We like this decor trend so much, in fact, we had a marquee-style sign custom made as a prop for our Summer/Fall 2012 Fashion Feature!



Want to shed some light on your wedding? Search for marquee letters and signs at local home decor and thrift stores–try your luck at Emilie Jayne, Elemente, and Urban Outfitters in Salt Lake City. You can also find plenty of options online; Etsy is a great place to start. We like these antique-style letters, numbers, and symbols from Vintage Marquee Lights:




If you want to try your hand at making your own light-bulb letters, break out your drill and check out this DIY Carnival Marquee Letter tutorial from Ruffled, and this DIY Marquee Light project from Green Wedding Shoes:



What do you think of marquee-style signs, letters, and symbols as wedding decor? Will you be flipping the switch on this trend for your nuptials? Share your thoughts below!

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