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Engaged! Autumn Buys & Nathan Hamilton | Photos by Mikki Platt Photography

See the couple's darling engagement shoot and read their sweet love story

A few years ago, I had the most amazing intern named Autumn. She was hard-working, charming, witty, stylish, and had the most perfect bouncy, shiny hair. Autumn loves weddings (and Oscar de la Renta), and sometimes while browsing through blogs or flipping through magazines at the office, we’d swap ideas about what her future nuptials would be like one day… Well, that day has arrived. Autumn’s beau Nathan popped the question over the summer, and I couldn’t be more excited for the duo!

Today we’re featuring the couple’s darling engagement photos by Mikki Platt Photography. Check out the images and read on for the details of Autumn and Nathan’s sweet love story: how they met, how he proposed, and what their plans are for the big day.

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The Bride- and Groom-To-Be: Autumn Buys and Nathan Hamilton

Occupations: She’s a communications specialist at Intermountain Healthcare; he’s studying chemical engineering and works as a research assistant at the University of Utah

Where They Met: In their singles congregation at church. The first time Autumn met Nathan he had long hair pulled back in a ponytail—she wasn’t interested, and blew him off. But, the next time they found themselves in the same room together, she was completely smitten as they discussed their mutual love of Southern California and chemistry.

Where He Proposed: Nathan popped the question at dusk on July 2 while they were up the canyon. One of the items on their running bucket list of activities was to carve their initials into a tree. They went up the canyon and found the perfect tree, with two trunks merged into one, and carved their names into it. After, Nathan dropped to one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring Autumn had ever seen.

The Ring: An oval cut center stone set in yellow gold surrounded by a diamond halo and band. It’s delicate, feminine, and elegantly classic. Autumn loves that the ring looks timeless and is made of yellow gold rather than trendy white gold or platinum. The ring is a family heirloom waiting to happen.

The Engagement Photos: The duo wanted to be captured in their most natural state; it was important for them that their photos exude comfort, warmth, and sincere devotion. They brainstormed photo locations with their photographer, Mikki Platt, and ultimately landed on Sugar House. The couple have many happy memories from the area, including their first date. Mikki also suggested a beautiful neighborhood in Autumn’s native city of Holladay, which turned out to be a lovely, intimate, and romantic setting.

The Wedding: Autumn and Nathan will be married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Thursdays have always been Autumn’s favorite day of the week—this particular Thursday is sure to top the rest. That evening, they will be joined by family and close friends at an intimate, rustic-chic dinner at Trefoil Ranch in Provo Canyon.

Congratulations Autumn and Nathan! Thank you Mikki for sharing these photos with us today!

Have a happy weekend, friends!