Needful Things: Well Cultured

Evoke ’20s-era polish with a strand of stately pearls

Photograph by Derek Israelsen

1) Ziegfeld Collection 96-inch necklace of freshwater cultured pearls, $1,300 and
2) Ziegfeld Collection freshwater cultured pearl tassel necklace in sterling silver, $1,200, Tiffany & Co.
3) Honora white, gray, and gold freshwater cultured pearl necklace, $830, J. Brooks Jewelers
4) Ziegfeld Collection necklace of freshwater cultured pearls in pink and purple hues with sterling silver clasp, $575, Tiffany & Co.
5) Honora 14K white gold freshwater cultured pearl necklace, $1,860, J. Brooks Jewelers
6) Bronze pearl necklace, $78, Katie Waltman Jewelry

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