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In the Stars: October 2013 Wedding Astrology & Libra Style Inspiration

Allie Couch of Laughing Pig Astrology shares her monthly astro musings for local couples

It’s a new season and a new month–so what do the stars hold for local couples saying “I do” this October? Our resident astrologer, Allie Couch of Laughing Pig Astrology, is back with us today to share her thoughts on October 2013 wedding astrology and Libra style inspiration. The astro style for October? Feminine, romantic, and ethereal. Love, love, love–we want to dive into this board and live in it.

october 2013 wedding style

October 2013 Wedding Astrology & Libra Style Inspiration
By Allie Couch, Laughing Pig Astrology

The most romantic Sun sign in the zodiac and a lovely time to wed are upon us. Consider yourself lucky if this is the time of year you get married: The most important element to a Libra Sun is their relationship. You and your spouse will always put each other first. Libra is an air sign, and is all about harmony and balance. This means that the beauty of the mind is a strong suit for you as a couple when you marry under the Libra Sun.

Venus, the planet that rules Libra and marriage, is in the sign of Sagittarius this month. This will add an adventurous side to your marriage. Sagittarius loves different cultures and travel. Under the chic Chinese Year of the Snake, a location that is sophisticated and beautiful, like Japan, would serve as a great destination wedding spot.

Overall, the styling that fits with the stars this month is feminine, romantic and a bit ethereal. The numbers of the year and month give us the color purple as a base. Libra loves peaceful greens and the Sagittarius undertones give us peaches and coppers.

1. Beautiful misty Japanese landscape–an ideal setting for a wedding this month
2. Lace Mira Zwillinger wedding gown–perfect for the hopelessly romantic Libra Sun
3. Soft and feminine bouquet in purples and peaches
4. Plush velvet guest book in deep green
5. This bridesmaid dress in gorgeous soft purple chiffon with copper sequins is perfect for the design-loving Libra
6. Lovely watercolor invitations
7. Polished agate necklace for a more rustic Sagittarius touch
8. Ultra-feminine ribbon band wristlets
9. Fun cocktails for the color-loving Libra
10. Foraging some of your own flowers would be appeal to the adventurous Venus in Sagittarius element this month

Thank you, Allie, for sharing your wedding astro musings for the month of October! See Allie’s previous wedding astrology posts here and here.

Want more astro style inspiration? Be sure to check out Allie’s astrology website.