Anniversary Shoot: Hadley & Alan Regal at the Downtown SLC Farmers Market

Photographs by Amy Cloud Photography

Summer and the Downtown SLC Farmers Market at Pioneer Park seem like distant memories now that winter is upon us (well, not officially, but we’d say the freezing, near arctic temps of late qualify as winter status). If you loved spending sunny Saturday mornings meandering the market’s stands of fresh local produce, meat, dairy, baked goods, artisanal food, and food trucks, all is not lost—the Winter Farmers Market, held at the Rio Grande Depot, takes place this Saturday, December 21 (the official first day of winter) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and continues every other weekend through April 19. (Take that, old man winter!)

Hubby and wife Alan and Hadley Regal, married in August 2011 at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, are one of those local couples who look forward to waking up early every Saturday to shop the SLC Farmers Market. The duo love to cook, so they load up on fresh foods from the market to prepare home-cooked meals throughout the week. This fall, shortly after celebrating their second wedding anniversary, the Regals asked photographer Amy Cloud-McFarland of Amy Cloud Photography to tag along with them on one of their trips to the Farmers Market and document the occasion.

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Below, photographer Amy Cloud-McFarland shares more about the Regals’ photo shoot and her thoughts on anniversary sessions:

This was an anniversary shoot for Hadley and Alan, who recently celebrated two years of marriage. In talking with them about the feel of their shoot, I dug deeper to find out what they really enjoy doing as a couple. I discovered that they love cooking together and when possible buy most of their produce from the SLC Farmers Market.

I think anniversary photo shoots are becoming more popular—especially for couples who don’t yet have children. With these sessions, I try to find something the couple has in common or that they love doing together. They’ve already done the pretty wedding or bridal photos, so I take a more lifestyle approach. I try to dig deep and find out what they really value and enjoy doing together as a couple.

I find there is a big push for these shoots around Valentine’s Day, and I like to promote them as a gift idea husbands can buy for wives. I think it’s important that couples have photos of just the two of them together as they go through life. Most couples I talk to haven’t had a professional photo of just the two of them since their wedding. I try to capture couples in a romantic way—I feel like I help them light a little fire again.

Thank you for sharing this anniversary photo shoot with us, Amy!

Congrats on your two-year wedding anniversary, Hadley and Alan!

What do you think of anniversary photo shoots? Would you hire a photographer to snap photos of you and your spouse post-wedding? Share your thoughts below!