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Real Utah Wedding: Candice Yee & Eric Bender at The Leonardo

See more photos of this featured wedding from Events by LMG and ZumaPhoto

In the pages of our current issue, we feature the nuptials of Candice Yee and Eric Bender. Planned and designed by FUSE Weddings & Events and photographed by ZumaPhoto, the colorful, modern wedding took place at The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City. The themes? Modern Shanghai and Upscale Chinatown, inspired by the duo’s love of travel and Asian street food. The morning of the big day the couple held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a nod to the bride’s family’s heritage, and during the reception Yee swapped her Vera Wang gown for a traditional Chinese dress. Following an evening of museum-going and Asian street-food inspired eats, the couple departed among a sea of sparklers and glowing Chinese Kongming paper lanterns.

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Congratulations, Candice and Eric! To read more about their big day, including a full list of local wedding vendors, hop over to their Real Wedding feature from the pages of our magazine.

Thank you FUSE Weddings & Events and ZumaPhoto for sharing this wedding with us!

Merry Christmas, friends! Wishing you all a wonderful, festive holiday!