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First Look + Bridal Session: Mahala Wheatley & Ian Soane

Photos by Alixann Loosle Photography

You may have seen today’s featured bride and groom, Mahala Wheatley and Ian Soane, on Alta Moda Bridal’s blog last week. We loved the Utah couple’s first look and bridal photos so much, we had to share more of the merry images by Alixann Loosle Photography. What’s to love? Let us count the ways: First, there’s Mahala’s beautiful lace wedding dress with delicate sleeves, an exclusive design from Alta Moda Bridal. Second, there’s Mahala’s rich red bouquet and floral crown by Flower Afternoon. And third, there’s Ian’s dapper wool suit complete with elbow patches. Talk about a well-dressed duo.

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Mahala and Ian were married on November 6, 2013 at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Congratulations!

Thank you Alixann Loosle for sharing these photos with us today!