From the Mag: Photos We Heart + Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take a peek at some of our favorite snapshots from past issues

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is all about amor, so we’re sharing a few of our most beloved photos from past issues of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom magazine. These snapshots are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to favorites from our collection of heart-warming captures—there are so many more gorgeous images from the past three years! But the photos that follow stopped us dead in our tracks, caused our hearts to skip a beat, and reminded us of the power of that crazy little thing called love


SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-1 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-2 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-3 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-4 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-5

photos by Elizabeth Messina | from “Dream a Little Dream” fashion feature


photos by Kate Osborne | from Neena & Andy’s Real Utah Wedding 

SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Jessica-Peterson-Photography-2 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Jessica-Peterson-Photography

photos by Jessica Peterson | from our Summer/Fall 2011 issue


photos by Leo Patrone | from “Language of Flowers” feature


photos by Britt Chudleigh | from “Light Fantastic” flowers feature


photo by Jacque Lynn Photography | from Ariana & Marcus’ Real Utah Wedding

SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-Gatsby-1 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-Gatsby-2 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-Gatsby-3 SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Elizabeth-Messina-Gatsby-4

photos by Elizabeth Messina | from “A Great Romance” fashion feature


photos by Alixann Loosle | from Melanie & Roman’s Real Utah Wedding

Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-15 Ciara-Richardson-Photography-Tauri-Dylan-RW-21

photos by Ciara Richardson | from Tauri & Dylan’s Real Utah Wedding

SLPCBG-Photos-We-Heart-Fashion-balloons-confetti 0612-fashion-blackdress

photos by Alvin Nguyen | from “Party of Two” fashion feature


photo by David Newkirk | from Kathryn & Frederick’s Real Utah Wedding 

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photos by Heather Nan Photography | from Devan & Rodrigo’s Real Utah Wedding


photos by Jesse Erasmus | from Jessica & Dan’s Real Utah Wedding

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy!