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New! Danani Handmade Bridal Adornments

Gorgeous vintage-inspired bridal headpices designed by SLC's Dani Hagemeister

It’s our opinion that a beautiful veil or stylish hair adornment is the cherry on top of a gorgeous wedding gown (exhibit A: the cover of our current issue). So it was with great delight that we were introduced to Dani Hagemeister, the owner and designer of Danani Handmade Adornments based in Salt Lake City.

Hagemeister, a self-described “bohemian at heart” who also loves all things glamorous, designs a variety of jewelry and hair adornments, from leather chevron necklaces and mixed-metal earrings to feathered fascinators and beaded flapper headbands. But her specialty is vintage-inspired bridal headpieces—think Gatsby-era finery like an Art Deco crystal and tulle veil and a Juliet bridal cap adorned with ostrich feathers and lace. Daisy Buchanan would surely be a fan.

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Hagemeister recently released a new collection of bridal adornments, and we have your first look at the handmade, locally designed pieces. “Everything vintage speaks to me; each piece in this collection was inspired by the most fashionable women of bygone eras,” she says. Hagemeister teamed up with LeeYen Lobendahn of Loblee Photography to capture the new collection, and the results are divine.

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For further details about Danani Handmade Adornments, and to buy any of these bridal headpieces, visit the online shop.



BRIDAL HEADPIECES: Danani Handmade Adornments

PHOTOGRAPHY: Loblee Photography

MAKEUP: Victoria Plant Makeup Artistry

HAIR: Abby Navarro

DRESSES: ASOS and Nordstrom

MODELS: Corri Thomas, Crystal Rasmussen, and Mariah Gade