Meet the Baker: Pippa Cakery

Get to know the sweet gal—and recent Utah bride—behind this new local cakery

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Our great state is bursting at the seams with talent, inspiration, and creativity. We want to shout from the rooftops about Utah’s stellar artists, crafters, designers, and stylemakers, and introduce you to each and every one of these fine folks. So we’re starting a new “Meet the Vendor” series here on the blog, highlighting need-to-know locals from florists and bakers to photographers and boutique owners, and everyone inbetween. We’re kicking the series off by shining a spotlight on Utah bride-turned-baker Tauri Tucker of Pippa Cakery.


Cake by Pippa Cakery | Photos by Ciara Richardson Photography

We first crossed paths with today’s featured Utah wedding vendor when we happened upon the gorgeous photos from Tauri and her hubby Dylan’s June 2012 nuptials. We featured the couple’s Real Utah Wedding in our Summer/Fall 2013 issue. Tauri played a big part in orchestrating the decor and design for her big day—with her eye for style, and her love for baking, it’s not surprising she ventured into the biz. Read on for the scoop on Pippa Cakery and Tauri’s love for naked cakes, simplicity, ‘N Sync, and cute aprons.

Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-wide-3 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-3 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-wide-4 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-4 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-5 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-wide-5

Cake by Pippa Cakery | Flowers by Tinge Floral | Photos by Ciara Richardson Photography

SLPCBG: How would you describe the overall style of Pippa Cakery and the sweets you create?
TT: At Pippa, I try to make it more about the food and less about fancy intricacies. Most of all, I want to create delicious cakes. The prettiest cakes in my opinion are the ones with fruit or floral decor. I love a good textured frosting, too, and of course, it has to taste yummy!

Do you only create cakes or do you make other sweets, as well?
My parents passed down so many wonderful memories but I think the ones I’m drawn to most are the ones we created as a family in the kitchen. My mom is a baker and my dad is a caterer, so food is pretty much in my blood. I grew up making all sorts of goodies: cookies, pies, bundts, yummy comfort food, etc. As my business name suggests, I make cakes, but I have lots of delicious recipes to share. If you have something special in mind, please contact me!

What type of bride is a Pippa Cakery bride?
Brides that enjoy the beauty that simplicity offers.

Do you have a favorite cake style? Are there any current cake trends you love?
Naked cakes! What better way to feature the flavor of the cake than to literally show the cake? Ha! I feel like naked cakes really encapsulate the style I want to be associated with—organic and simple but oh so pretty.


Did the process of planning your own wedding play a role in the creation of Pippa Cakery?

Absolutely! I loved the creative process of planning a wedding. Once the big day was over, I almost immediatly missed having something to create and missed being involved in the wedding industry. As I mentioned before, I grew up in the kitchen and really love being around food and sweets—it just makes perfect sense to turn my favorite hobby into my job. I feel so lucky to have met and made friends with some of the most talented and inspiring people in the Utah wedding industry as a result of my own wedding. And I’m honored to be able to continue working with them through Pippa Cakery.

Do you have a favorite local bakery/pastry/sweet treat in Utah?
Chocolate lava cake from The Olive Bistro and the cheesecake from The Copper Onion. Ohmagosshhhhh.

What’s your baking soundtrack?
Oh man, it’s ever-changing! There’s always some Keane in there, some 80’s faves (yep, I’m an 80’s girl!), a touch of Macklemore, and of course I gotta throw in a few Demi Lovato belters (don’t judge me!). ‘N Sync is always great too—I’ll be the first in line for their reunion tour.

What’s your go-to baking outfit?
Anything comfy and a cute apron, of course!

Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-1 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-wide-2 Meet-the-Baker-Pippa-Cakery-Ciara-Richardson-Photography-wide

Cake by Pippa Cakery | Flowers by Tinge Floral | Painting by Sarah C. Nightingale | Photos by Ciara Richardson Photography

Contact Tauri for more info about Pippa Cakery, and be sure to check out the decadent chocolate cake she whipped up for our magazine in the True Colors section of our current issue.

Thanks for chatting with us, Tauri!