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Photo Diary: Spring Green’s Design Class with Native Flower Company

Erin Kate Photography documents the plant-iful fun at Maison Confiserie et Boutique

Last month, local florist Pamela Olson of Native Flower Company hosted a Spring Green’s design class at Salt Lake City’s Maison Confiserie et Boutique. (The charming Salt Lake City shop celebrated its two-year anniversary this week—congrats, Maison!) Erin Kate Photography rolled up her sleeves, dug in, and documented the plant-filled workshop; check our her photo diary below. And, read on for Olson’s thoughts about incorporating textural plants in your wedding decor. Hint: she gives succulents two green thumbs up.


Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-4 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-5 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-6 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-7 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-8 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-9 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-10 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-12 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-11 Succulent-workshop-Native-Flower-Company-Maison-Boutique-Erin-Kate-Photography-13

Succulents are a great choice for weddings for many reasons,” says Olson. “First, they’re extremely hardy so they’ll look plump and fresh in or out of water all day long. Second, there are dozens of varieties of succulents, or echeveria, that work well in a number of color palettes. They range in hue from deep green with red tips to soft sage to rosy pink, making them a pretty complement to most spectra.

Third, they have great texture, either more spiny or full than other petals. The surprising textures—and sizes, from golf ball to dinner plate!—create lively contrast with other flowers in bouquets and centerpieces. And fourth, they work in a huge range of themes, from spring garden to rustic chic to mountain.”

Thanks Native Flower Company, Erin Kate Photography, and Maison Confiserie et Boutique for sharing these photos with us! Stay tuned for info about future floral and craft classes at Maison.