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Hip & Handmade Fall Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Rich colors, fresh florals, and oh so pretty ink | Photographs by Brooke Schultz Photography

There are so many details to love in this hip and handmade wedding inspiration shoot from photographer Brooke Schultz and a team of local creatives. For starters, there’s the rich color palette of peach, red, and blue—perfect for fall weddings in Utah. Then there are the fresh floral designs by Flower Afternoon and the prettiest of paper goods by Huckleberry Paper, including invitations, place mats, and place cards. And last but certainly least, there are the super cool custom-designed temporary wedding tattoos in colorful botanical patterns and classic script fonts. Love, love, love, love.

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Photographer Brooke Schultz shares more details about the shoot:

For this shoot, we wanted to create a homegrown, collected feel that included a lot of handmade touches. This shoot presents the perfect twist on a backyard wedding: The setting is a previously condemned home that is now beautifully restored and features antique elements with a modern touch.

The red, peach, and blue color palette is refreshing, and the paper floral wreath backdrop is a cost effective way to pretty up plain white walls—a great solution for an indoor wedding. 

We were also inspired by the idea of temporary wedding tattoos, custom designed for the bride and groom—a perfect solution for couples who want something special for their wedding day, but don’t want it to be permanent. The shoot also features fresh ways to incorporate flowers, from the simple but unique boutonniere accented with a long ribbon to the flowers and eucalyptus sprinkled in the bride’s hair to the edible flowers in the cocktail. 

Thank you Brooke and Co for sharing these photographs and inspiring ideas with us!


Local Vendor List

LOCATION Private Residence
PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Schultz Photography
FLOWERS Flower Afternoon
GOWN Danielle’s Bridal
HAIR & MAKEUP Versa Artistry