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Love & Libations: Sugar House Libations Engagement Shoot

The couple behind SLC's best mixers cozy up to the camera | Photographs by Alex Adams Photography

If there’s one thing we covet, it’s a good cocktail. And what’s a good cocktail without a good mixer? Lucky for us, one of our favorite mixers is made right here in Salt Lake City: Sugar House Libations. The company offers a range of local handcrafted fruit- and herb-infused simple syrups, including raspberry-mint, pear-ginger, and plum-lavender flavors. Booze and Sugarhouse Libations are a perfect match—much like today’s featured couple, owners Megan Pales and Bobby Taylor. 


We keep a bottle of Sugar House Libations stocked on our bar cart, so when photographer Alex Adams sent us this engagement shoot we were stoked. Megan and Bobby tied the knot in Zion National Park last summer, but before they headed down south to get hitched, they spent the day with Alex Adams in downtown SLC where they work and play (they’re familiar faces at the city’s summer and winter farmers markets).

For their engagement session—purchased by the couple during a Local First silent auction (how cool is that?)—they made stops throughout the city, including Eva’s Bakery, the City Library, and the lawn of the City & County Building, where Bobby busted out his ukulele to serenade Megan with a tune (all the while educating Alex on the history of the building’s gothic architecture). Good times. Enjoy a look at their photos.

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Congrats, Megan and Bobby! Thank you, Alex Adams, for sharing this engagement shoot with us.

Be sure to check out Sugar House Libations and pick up a bottle of their simple syrup for your next cocktail hour. (Teetotalers, take note: there are plenty of tasty non-alcoholic applications, too). Cheers!