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Meet the Bridal Designer: Chantel Lauren Designs

Hot on the heels of Provo Fashion Week and in anticipation of PFW’s Bridal Fashion Week and Salt Lake City’s Art Meets Fashion event, both coming up this spring, we thought it was high time we sat down with Utah’s design scene and got to know the talented group of ladies and gents a little bit better.

First up, we chat with Chantel Galloway of Chantel Lauren Designs. Scroll on to check out images of her newest bridal collection captured by Hannah Taylor Photography (H/MUA by Kali Chris Hair & Makeup) and read our Q&A with the local dressmaker/seamstress/musician/radio personality (the girl does it all!).


Zara by Chantel Lauren Designs


Laurel by Chantel Lauren Designs


Sage by Chantel Lauren Designs


Perrie by Chantel Lauren Designs


Zara by Chantel Lauren Designs


Ari by Chantel Lauren Designs


SLPCBG: Where are you from and what brought you to Utah?

Chantel: I’m from Houston, Texas. I moved to Provo to attend college in 2010. Since then, I met my husband, moved to Draper, and started Chantel Lauren.

SLPCBG: How would you describe your overall style and designs?

I like to describe my dresses as high-fashion country-chic. I know that seems like a lot of different things, but that’s exactly who I am. I play many different roles: I’m a designer, seamstress, radio personality, and musician, so I don’t want my dresses to just be one style.

SLPCBG: Tell us about your newest collection and the dresses you designed for Provo Fashion Week?

My gowns have a lot of motion and texture—I don’t believe all wedding gowns need to be stiff and white. I like to incorporate different laces, silks, and colors. My gowns are all designed by the way the fabric naturally wants to be molded. You will find a lot of chiffons and flowing styles in my collection, as well as a few statement pieces that really reflect my personality.

SLPCBG: Three words that describe your designs?
Dreamy, Glamour, Organic.
SLPCBG: Do you have a favorite dress in the collection?

It’s so hard to choose—all of my dresses are like babies. That’s why I give them names! The fabric for Laurel was the first fabric I found a year and a half ago. I knew I wanted to use it for my first dress. It’s a polka dot fabric; how can you not love it?

SLPCBG: Are there specific fabrics, colors, or details you like to include in your collections? 
When fabric shopping I love to feel everything! If I like the way a fabric feels, I know I’ll like the way it looks when it becomes a gown. Chiffons and lightweight silks are the most common fabrics in all of my gowns. Take a bold fabric, like gold sequin, add a soft silk chiffon skirt—like my Zara dress—and it becomes a sexy, soft, dreamy gown.
SLPCBG: Favorite designer? 
Kate Spade! She can use a bold print like nobody else. All of her dresses just radiate personality and fun!
SLPCBG: Style icon? 
Emma Watson. Her style is so clean and classy.
SLPCBG: If you could dress anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
I would love to design Zooey Deschanel’s wedding gown. She has such a fabulous personality. I’d definitely put her in a bold print and color. Something similar to Laurel but I’d incorporate fun layers.