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Lookbook: Alysse Sterling Clutches

Get the scoop on these blingy Utah-designed, big-day approved handbags

We’re self-confessed purse addicts ’round these parts, so it was lust at first sight when we laid eyes on the glam, wedding-worthy clutches by Utah-based Alysse Sterling. Launched in 2013, the Old Hollywood-inspired handbags feature classic silhouettes, Italian leather linings, and fine Austrian crystals. We’re not the only ones to fall hard for the luxe, Swarovski-adorned designs—the blingy bags have been spotted on the arm of actress Adrienne C. Moore of “Orange Is the New Black” and other celebs on the red carpet.

We featured Alysse Sterling’s golden shimmer clutch in our roundup of local bridal must-haves in the new issue of our magazine. Recently, we sat down with Cindy Beck, Alysse Sterling owner/designer, to chat all things clutches, from the best styles for brides to the one item women should carry in their clutch at all times. Below, read our Q&A and check out photos of the latest Alysse Sterling lookbook.

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Q | What is the inspiration behind Alysse Sterling?
A | The inspiration for Alysse Sterling comes from the appreciation and love of the glitz and glam the clutches provide—the beauty and brilliance of a crystal clutch and the feeling it gives you when you carry such a beautiful piece. That being said, I wanted something practical in terms of silhouettes, but also wanted to play with different designs and bold colors. The clutches are made with the finest materials and workmanship. I love the aspect of the clutch “making the outfit.” It adds dimension to any look, be it formal or casual and edgy. These clutches are special pieces made for special women.

Q | What is the company’s connection with Utah?
A | We relocated to Salt Lake City in the fall of 2011. It’s a beautiful city.

Q | What type of woman is the Alysse Sterling woman?
A | The modern woman who takes charge of their style, decisions, and is not afraid to make a statement. She is confident, bold, and embraces life and its beauty.

Q | What are some of the most popular Alysse Sterling styles? Which styles are a good fit for brides and wedding guests?
A | Some of our most popular styles are the Clear Oval Crystal Clutch, La Negris Crystal Clutch, Morning Mist Crystal Clutch, Golden Box Crystal Clutch, Sheer Brilliance Crystal Clutch, and the Moroccan Crystal Clutch. For brides, my recommendations would be the China White Crystal Clutch, Clear Oval Crystal Clutch, Twilight Crystal Clutch, Pearl Blue Crystal Clutch, and Sheer Brilliance Crystal Clutch. For wedding guests there are many choices, such as our Golden Box Clutch or Golden Nugget Clutch. Currently, I am in the process of adding nine new pieces to the collection; some of these would be suitable for brides and wedding guests.

Q | Can the clutches be worn during the day as well as the evening?
A | Yes, daytime is a great time to bring out an Alysse Sterling clutch. If you are going shopping or to an art gallery, theater, or museum, it’s the perfect opportunity to carry a clutch. I think women get caught up in the traditional ways of when to use a clutch—formal engagements, weddings, etc.—but any time can be a “special” time to carry or wear a signature piece.

Q | What one item should be in a woman’s clutch at all times?
A | The most important thing for me is lipstick—I always carry my favorite color with me.