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New! Beckett & Robb Shoe Collection

Put your best foot forward in these Utah-designed, European-made wing tips, chukka boots, & more

Good news for grooms and groomsmen: It just got easier to put your best foot forward thanks to Beckett & Robb‘s debut shoe collection. The gents behind the Utah-born bespoke suit company, Jason Yeats and Derek Bleazard, are turning their attention to footwear with their latest designs. The shoes, a mix of dressy and more casual styles in leather and suede, are the perfect marriage of British and Italian aesthetics.

Take it from us, Beckett & Robb’s shoe game is on point: We featured their cognac leather half brogue cap toe shoe in our roundup of stylish men’s accessories in the new issue of our magazine, and the shoes left all the guys on our photo-shoot set swooning.

We chatted with Yeats and got the scoop on the fresh collection. Read our Q&A below. Fellas, take note!

Beckett-and-Robb-shoe-collectionStyles from Beckett & Robb’s debut collection / @beckettrobb

SLPCBG: What was the motivation to design a shoe collection? 

Beckett & Robb: Shoes were the main missing category from our product offering. We’ve always wanted to design our own line and it was finally time to do it. It’s great being able to complete the look for our client—literally, from head to toe.

What was the inspiration for the Becket & Robb shoe collection?

We wanted to design shoes that were somewhere in between the British and Italian aesthetics. We appreciate the substantial soles and sturdiness of a British shoe, but we also wanted to emulate the elegant and slimmer lines of typical Italian shoes. We wanted to use the best materials and construction techniques on earth and offer a great value, given the quality. We set out to offer a high-end shoe at 50-70% below what a similar shoe would retail for from major luxury houses. In order to justify that, we knew we needed to make our shoes alongside the biggest names out there. We accomplished these goals, building them in Italy, in a small facility that makes shoes for the most luxurious brands on earth—built to the same standards, but ours retail for a fraction of the price.

How many shoe styles are in the collection? 

We have five styles in our stores now, with nine more styles in production. We’ve already begun developing several additional styles for mid-2015. We intend this to be a very full collection, running the entire spectrum from casual suede loafers and car shoes all the way to a substantial goodyear welted wingtip and shoes appropriate for black tie. Suede and calfskin, leather soled and rubber soled. It’s a very complete range.

Are the shoes designed for business, dress, or both?

The range is broad enough that we are able to offer shoes appropriate for business meetings, weddings, black-tie events, and casual days and nights.

Are specific Beckett & Robb shoes designed to be worn with specific Beckett & Robb suits? Or are they meant to be mixed and matched?

In most cases there is a lot of flexibility when choosing a shoe to go with a specific suit. There are certainly situations that call for either the most dressy shoe or a very casual one. But in between those extremes there is a lot of room for mixing and matching. One trend that’s strong right now is wearing formally designed shoes in suede with a suit. It’s a bit of an unexpected look, but it’s striking and certainly sets a man apart. Another trend is wearing suit separates—a jacket that doesn’t match the trouser, for example. This look offers great versatility to the entire outfit, from shirts and accessories to belts and shoes. It’s fun to see a guy wear separates and still wear a nice wingtip or half brogue shoe.

Is there a particular Beckett & Robb shoe you favor for grooms and/or groomsmen?

I would only suggest matching the shoe to the formality of the wedding overall. If the wedding is formal, whether with a tuxedo or a dressier suit, the shoe should be simple and unadorned—brown or black, new and well-shined. If the wedding is slightly more casual, then its appropriate to take the formality of the shoe down a notch or two—try a wingtip or cap toe. Or consider a double monk strap for a bold look. If the wedding’s quite casual, consider suede.

What’s your favorite shoe style in the collection?

Personally, I love our suede chukka boots. They’re incredibly comfortable, with a blake-welted crepe sole, and extremely versatile. I love them with jeans, cords, or a flannel suit. In a few months we’ll introduce a scotch grain double monk cap toe shoe that is absolutely incredible. It’s as well-made a shoe on the market, at any price.

Shop the Beckett & Robb shoe collection online or at one of their three Utah locations:

150 South Main Street
Salt Lake City

Shops at Riverwoods
4801 North University Ave

Station Park
210 North West Promontory