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For the Boys: 5 Things to Know About Trumaker

A new type of men’s retailer blends online shopping with a personal touch.

By Jeremy Buben

Image via Trumaker

Trumaker is a new kind of men’s apparel company that makes built-to-fit clothing while providing something drastically different from the ordinary shopping experience. The brand, a hybrid of retail and made-to-measure, fuses in-person consultations with one-click internet shopping, allowing customers to avoid sifting through stacks of chambray or flipping through folders of fabric swatches. With this new approach, Trumaker aims to change the landscape of shopping for the man who desires to dress smartly.

We recently spoke with Trumaker co-founder and CEO, Mark Lovas, who told us how the San Francisco–based company is upping men’s style game. Here are five things to know about Trumaker:

Image via Trumaker

Q | How and when did Trumaker get started?
A | A couple of years ago we decided that we weren’t really happy with the offerings from existing retail brands, and we realized that we could make something that was a better product and experience for what we wanted: cool clothing in really high quality at a good price. And we wanted it to fit.

Q | Can you describe the process of a fitting?
A | Our outfitter [Trumaker’s term for one of its many regional sales reps] will meet with customers and get a sense of what they are looking for and issues they have with clothing. They then go through a process of taking measurements and helping determine what to order. That consult takes like 30 minutes; it’s really easy and low-key, and not pretentious or uncomfortable. From that point on our customer is matched with their outfitter so that they have a guide to the company at any point. The outfitter is there for you if you are ordering online and want a second opinion, or the outfitter will come out anytime you want them to and go over products. They’ll also help you put together outfits. Whatever you need. Once we have the measurements, it takes approximately three weeks for built-to-fit clothes like shirts and blazers.

Image via Trumaker

Q | Say I was in the market for plain white shirts, what is the price range for that?
A | That’s easy, they start at $98 with no order minimum. The idea we had was to provide an upgrade for what’s out there for relatively the same price and for the same quality, but built specifically for you. You can get everyday shirts, both business and casual, designed for you for the same price as you’d pay off of the rack. It’s a better value. We have a good product at all the price points; the quality of the material is the only thing that changes the price.

Q | What is next for Trumaker?
A | We started with shirts and then moved to blazers. We think that blazers are the most utilitarian item—you can wear them to work, dinner, and even out on the town. We then went to sweaters and accessories. Pants are next up by the end of the year.

Q | How does one get in touch with a local outfitter?
A | There are two ways. The best way is to sign up on our website and we’ll match a customer with an outfitter. The second way is through referrals from existing customers. Word of mouth is how the majority of our clients come to us.

Q | Anything else we need to know?
A | If it fits, it always looks better.

Image via Trumaker