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New! Mauve Weddings by Jessica Peterson Photography

Get the scoop on her big-day website and read her photography tips for brides and grooms.

Local photographer Jessica Peterson recently launched Mauve Weddings, her new big-day photography website. We chatted with the sharp-shooter (whose images have graced our pages and blog) and got the scoop on her fresh online digs, plus her advice for couples as they plan the details of their nuptial photography. Read on and check out Peterson’s photos of Salt Lake City couple Allie & Bus Couch, who held a post-destination wedding celebration at Red Cliff Ranch.


Q | What inspired the new website and the name Mauve Weddings?
A |
Because I am also a commercial photographer, I felt the need to separate my wedding work and dedicate a business and website to just weddings. I took advantage of the opportunity  to give the wedding business a new name. I wanted a classic name that complements my style. Mauve is subtle, feminine, and classic, and those are the attributes I hope to convey in my work.

Q | How would you describe your style of wedding photography?
A | I was trained in photography at a commercial and critical art school. I studied and learned with some of the very best photographers. Having a formal and rounded education taught me a lot about connecting with the viewer, capturing real moments, and finding the best in every situation. I feel like a wedding should be captured in a natural way; the colors and memories should be true to the actual event. I strive to deliver clean, romantic, and genuine imagery, and avoid trends that may date the photography.


Q | What should brides and grooms know when researching potential wedding photographers?
A |
It’s important to hire a photographer that you jive with. Before hiring them, try to meet them in person or have a phone chat with them. This person will be by your side for much of the wedding day; you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and that you like the way they communicate and handle themselves. If you want fun images, you will have to have fun! Even if something isn’t turning out the way you planned on the big day, just relax, enjoy yourselves, and for heaven’s sake don’t be afraid to laugh.

Q | Do you recommend engagement and/or formal photos for all of your wedding clients?
I feel it’s entirely up to the couple. If I know the wedding day will be a shorter one and there won’t be a lot of time for formals, I would suggest doing them before to relive stress on the big day. Some couples like the idea of going somewhere special for their photos, and if that requires travel I suggest they get them done in advance to give them more time to play on the wedding day. As for engagements, I think it’s always nice to have an excuse for a photo shoot with your partner. When all is said and done, it’s also nice to have photos of the two of you that are not in formal wedding attire.


Q | How early should couples book their wedding photographer?
A |
As soon as possible. Many wedding photographers book up about a year in advance. If you know who you want to hire and it’s important to you to have a certain photographer, get in touch with them as soon as you know your wedding date. Most photographers ask for a retainer to secure that date for you.

Q | Are there any trends in wedding photography that might be helpful for brides and grooms to know about?
A |
I would say to not worry about photography trends; trends come and go. What is important is that the reality, nature, and beauty of your wedding is captured. Find a photographer that suits your style but knows what moments are most important: the look on your father’s face as he hands you off to your future spouse, the moment when you step into your partner’s arms during the first dance, they way you look at each other in an admiring way… These are the photos you will most treasure. The photos of you holding a party favor are great and should be captured, but those will fall by the wayside over time. The wedding is about your love, commitment, and union—don’t forget that.