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Salon Tips for Managing Summer Hair

Ensure your big day is a good hair day with our expert advice.

By Alyssa Volpigno and Samantha Lawrence

Summer might be coming to a close, but there is plenty of time for more fun in the sun. Although you may love lounging by a mountain lake or at the neighborhood pool, your hair might need some TLC. We chatted up industry experts and got the inside scoop on how to refresh, protect, and style your hair so you can continue to look like your most gorgeous self—especially if your wedding is on the horizon.

Read our expert tips below. Shop Oribe hair products at Sequel Salon in Salt Lake City.

Oribe_Gold_Lust_Masque_mdoxbfSummer Slump: Dry and Dull Hair
Replace your regular conditioner with a deep conditioning masque like Oribe Gold Lust Masque. You can also try using coconut oil as a masque once a week, or put it in your hair before you hit the pool to help fill in your hair shaft and keep most of the chlorine out. SOURCE: Oribe

Top_Knot_nqpli3Manage With: Top Knots
Waiting to get a trim? Slick it all back and pile that hair on top of your head. SOURCE: Glamour

Long_Bob_w8lwmrSummer Pick-Me-Up: Long Bob
We are seeing long bobs all over the place. This is such a great cut because it allows a refresher for your hair but doesn’t take long to grow back out if you’re ready for long tresses! SOURCE: Harpers Bazaar

Oribe_Impermeable_Spray_kp6uuvSummer Slump: Humidity
Fight the humidity with messy beach waves. Keep your curling iron vertical as you curl large sections of hair. Curl away from your face while leaving the ends out. Run your fingers through the curls, then spray with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray by Oribe, which is French for “raincoat,” to keep the curls form getting frizzy throughout the day. SOURCE: Oribe

Beachy_Waves_yv6rmkManage With: Beachy Waves
Easy to do, always looks cool and effortless. SOURCE: I Know Hair

Emma_Stone_-_Side_Swept_Bangs_s6skkpSummer Pick-Me-Up: Sideswept Bangs
Steer away from heavy bangs in the summer months. Instead, transition to a soft sideswept bang that you can pin back on those scorching days but wear loose and wavy when you aren’t at the beach. SOURCE: My Women’s Hair Styles

Oribe_Bright_Blonde_Shampoo_h3qdimSummer Slump: Fading Color
Color-safe and UV protectant shampoo and conditioner is a must! For blondes, Oribe has an incredible product called Bright Blonde that actually deposits color and shine back into the hair with every shampoo! SOURCE: Oribe

Loose_Braid_jslj02Manage With: Loose Braids
Hide anything with a loose braid. The texture and messiness will fool anyone. SOURCE: Marie Claire

Ecaille_ljfqdiSummer Pick-Me-Up: Ecaille
To help manage fading color, try the new color trend “Ecaille.” This trend is so great because it’s very soft and blended. Stylists use one shade lighter and one shade darker to create a perfectly highlighted look for your skin tone. This color is so easy to maintain and perfect for summer. SOURCE: Refinery29