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Bohemian Fall Bridesmaid Fashion

Fresh autumn wedding style for 'maids from As Ever Photography

Who says your bridesmaids have to be matchy-matchy in formal frocks? Not us! We’re crushing on the trend of mismatched, wear-it-your-own-way bridesmaid fashion. And we’re not alone in our love for this nontraditional look: Jen Corbett of As Ever Photography is also a big fan of this modern bridesmaid aesthetic. So much so, she put together a photo shoot showcasing a few of her favorite fall bridesmaid styles with a casual, alternative, and bohemian vibe.

Below, see the free-spirited styles, read Jen’s inspiration for the shoot, and check out the list of local vendors.

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From Jen: I just adore how brides are moving away from the matching mauve satin dresses of the past and allowing their ‘maids a little more freedom (and style) in their choice of wedding day dresses. My two favorite trends right now are boho white lace/embroidered/crocheted looks, and long dresses with fun prints. 

Thank you Jen + team for sharing these boho bridesmaid looks with us! Have a happy Thanksgiving, friends!


Vendor List

PHOTOGRAPHY: As Ever Photography
DRESSES: Anthropologie and Free People
JEWELRY: Mineral & Matter
BOUQUET: Julia Smith Floral
MODEL: Katie Harvey
HAIR: Tyanne Harvey