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New! Berta Bridal at Alta Moda Bridal

We're gaga for this glamorous line of regal, avant-garde wedding gowns.

Cue the emoji overload: We’re all heart-eyes and thumbs-up for BERTA BRIDAL, which just landed at Alta Moda Bridal in Salt Lake City. Grand, regal, glam, and avant-garde are just a few of the terms that come to mind when describing this new-to-Utah line of wedding gowns.

“We are drawn to Berta for many of the same reasons brides are: the gowns are dramatic, with lean lines that showcase the figure, and add a pop of glamour,” says Hilary Anderson, owner of Alta Moda Bridal. “The Berta bride is confident, full of life, and is the type of gal who relishes having her family and friends with her to celebrate.”

The current Berta collection features fresh, figure-hugging styles in shades of nude, champagne, and dark ivory, sprinkled with handcrafted beadwork and silver appliqués and embellishments. There are also tulle capes, beaded boleros and cathedral veils, and detachable tulle and lace trains.

Below, check out the stunning—and extensive—Berta look book. Trust us, you’ll want to keep scrolling.


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